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Letter: The rules of decorum
Concord Monitor

Robert's Rules of Order is the prime source for the conduct of public meetings. “(A member) must avoid personalities, and under no circumstances can ...

Reader's View: School Board must start behaving professionally
Duluth News Tribune

The Duluth School Board agreed to follow Robert's Rules of Order. Unfortunately, Chairwoman Judy Seliga Punyko and member Mike Miernicki don't ...

Seniors Steamed: Mount Carmel senior citizens pack meeting to protest town's takeover of their ...

As Mayor Larry Frost opened the meeting, Alderman Wanda Davidson called to his attention Robert's Rules of Order—a guide used by municipalities ...



The Official Roberts Rules Of Order Web Site
Beam 24

The Official Launch of Trinidad Carnival 2010. The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie. Roberts Rules of Order. Tallest NBA Player Manute Bol.

UC Amends Constitution, Encourages Inter-Ivy Collaboration
Harvard Crimson

Batista also expressed her frustration with parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order, which the Student Assembly, like the UC, uses to ...

Columbia County committee navigates rules
Portage Daily Register

Corporation Counsel Joseph Ruf said some counties' standing rules might be as simple as “We follow Robert's Rules of Order,” or they might be finely ...

Closed session and executive session are the same
Chicago Daily Herald

Robert's Rules of Order provides some guidance here. Where a majority vote of the votes cast is required, abstentions have absolutely no effect on the ...

A misuse of Robert's Rules
West Central Tribune

If you are going to hide behind Robert's Rules of Order, then you should follow them. When Mayor Marv Calvin wanted to speak during the debate at ...

Are SC School Boards Always This Opaque?
The Nerve

[Editor's note: The Nerve has repeatedly highlighted the practice by government bodies of turning public meetings into private meetings simply by ...

Faculty Senate to allow internal referendums
The Daily Eastern News

“The Faculty Senate operates according to Robert's Rules of Order,” Allison said. “Robert's does by no means exclude deliberative bodies from ...

End confusion over negative motions
Alpine Avalanche

The reason may be a mistaken belief that Robert's Rules of Order dictate that ... We saw another provision in Robert's that said the person making the ...

Councilman requests revote on county partnership decision
Lompoc Record

While there was some discussion Tuesday on revoting procedures as stated in Robert's Rules of Order, those were dismissed by City Attorney Joe ...

Lawsuit claims Maple Heights violated Ohio's open meetings law

In it, she said she follows Robert's Rules of Order and she was “probably putting too much information in my Regular and Special Council Meeting ...

Two vie for moderator
Woburn Daily Times

Candidates Leigh Martinson and Robert Peterson, Jr. have thrown their ... Both candidates have been brushing up on Robert's Rules of Order, the ...

Golf course contract extended
Clovis News Journal

Lansford said a call for the question under Robert's Rules was only an informal request. He said he wouldn't stop debate without a motion and a vote.

Harbor Management Commission Hoists Delta Flag: Maneuvering with Difficulty
Greenwich Free Press

Gary Silberberg brought up a point of order, asking why the topic of ... And we're fighting about Robert's Rules of order and other silly stuff.

Council considering rules changes

One proposed revision has to do with how Robert's Rules of Order should apply at Committee of the Whole meetings. A potentially more complicated ...

Gay and Mennonite
The Atlantic

As Cathy Spory, the outgoing moderator of the Allegheny Mennonite Conference, reviewed the Robert's Rules of Order, there was some tense ...

For better or worse, a new day dawns for the embattled Haywood GOP
Smoky Mountain News

... party members, that hands-on role felt more like nitpicking, embroiling the party in petty disputes over meeting minutes and Robert's Rules of Order.

Voting 4-3, City Council rejects bid to delay closure of Petersburg jail
Progress Index

Telfair has advised council on more than one occasion that according to Robert's Rules of Order, only the prevailing side of the December 2014 vote ...

What's best in school board minutes?
Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Public Schools follows the Sunshine Law because it is recommended by Robert's Rules of Order, according to an email from Sandra ...

Commissioner questions voting process
Columbia Daily Herald

The vote failed the first time with 11 commissioners supporting the rule's ... Robert's Rules of Order can be interpreted in different ways, he said.

OC Council kicks out woman, tables flooding study she favors
Press of Atlantic City

... he had no choice but to gavel Hornick and have her removed in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order and those of Ocean City's government.

Rutherford's proposal rebuffed by peers
Alpenhorn News

Rutherford further explained that although many citizens may believe the county's board operates under formally adopted Robert's Rules of Order, “We ...

No bygones: School board members tangle again over by-laws
Fairfield Citizen

However, members of the majority said Tuesday that the by-laws were in conflict since one section said the board followed "Robert's Rules of Order," ...

Goodrich denies receipt of GCDC letter

McKenney clarified that regardless of agenda approval they could proceed, which is as stated in Robert's Rules of Order. Vick was told they were ...

Chatham Elections Board turns to state, county commission to name next chairman
Savannah Morning News

The board asked Hart to review the board's bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order to determine whether absent board members can cast paper ballots or ...

Wheel Tax Adopted by County
Vermillion Plain Talk

Last week, Robertson told the board that they had not followed 'Robert's Rules of Order' and felt the commissioners had acted “inappropriately” in ...

Wheel Tax Adopted by County
Vermillion Plain Talk

Last week, Robertson told the board that they had not followed 'Robert's Rules of Order' and felt the commissioners had acted “inappropriately” in ...

'Tedious in Practice': UC Questions Meeting Procedures
Harvard Crimson

Much of that time is spent debating legislation through parliamentary procedure, which stipulates that the Council follow a series of steps before ...

Republicans' fear: 2 more years of gridlock

... obligation to do their constitutional duty and debate this and not hide behind Robert's Rules of Order.” Gosar's senior Arizona senator, John McCain, ...

Petersburg city attorney's job comes into question
Progress Index

Telfair advised Council that according to Robert's Rules of Order, the motion can only be brought back for a vote by the prevailing side.

Civility reigns in Rockingham

ROCKINGHAM—“We came in as friends, and Robert's Rules Of Order offers 19 pages on civility. Let's leave as friends.” And with those words, ...

Stalemate over Chatham County Board of Elections chairmanship persists
Savannah Morning News

Fellow Republican member Marianne Heimes said last week she reviewed Robert's Rules of Order before the Feb. 27 meeting and determined that a ...

South Euclid City Council's troubling censure of two members: editorial

... has censured council members Ed Icove and Ruth Gray for supposedly "violating the rules of this Council and Robert's Rules of Order for disclosing ...

From the Assistant Editor: Covering government in Malibu
Malibu Surfside News

I'm convinced that a lot of my excitement for covering local government and my willingness to tolerate hours of Robert's Rules of Order without losing ...

Consent Agenda Topics Questioned At Sturgeon Bay Common Council Meeting

Kristi Weber questioned the council's definition of “routine items” and suggested it reviews Robert's Rules of Order as it concerns to future consent ...

Civility reigns in Rockingham

ROCKINGHAM—“We came in as friends, and Robert's Rules Of Order offers 19 pages on civility. Let's leave as friends.” And with those words, ...

Navigator Credit Union board slate nixed; 1st woman member decries 'old boys club'

As Harris made allegations and twice rebuffed efforts to get her off the stage -- once employing Robert's Rules of Order to keep the microphone after a ...


Commissioners OK resolution, barely, opposing Kan. local election bill
hays Post

Hays City Commissioners had to consult their attorney regarding parliamentary procedure when they voted 3-1-0 for a resolution provided by the ...

Brockton mayor signs power plant deal without City Council
Enterprise News

Nessralla said the two-thirds vote requirement is “completely contradictory to state statute, parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order,” ...

ABOUT TOWN: Meetings
The Weston Forum

One of the most effective ways to put the brakes on a project or action is to make use of a provision in Robert's Rules of Order. Specifically, at a ...

Moon board president vows to end disruption of official business at meetings

“This individual,” Olszewski wrote, referring to a board member he didn't name, “has consistently challenged Robert's Rules of Order and has ...

J-Board rules on General Assembly procedures
The McGill Daily

J-Board rules on General Assembly procedures ... According to the ruling, both Robert's Rules of Order and article 13.2 of the SSMU constitution ...

Hope Mills Board of Commissioners to discuss rules of precedure at meeting
Fayetteville Observer

The board has been working to come up with rules of procedure since ... "Suggested Rules of Procedure for a City Council," and use Robert's Rules of ...

Dora school news
Portales News-Tribune

The parliamentary procedure team, consisting of Shania Ramirez, Charlyn Simpson, Gema Villanueva, McCray Clark, Francis Lopez, Jessica Barron, ...

Hatfield and McCoy feuding puts Hallandale City Hall in political spotlight
Sun Sentinel

For his part, London says Cooper is trying to quash opposition under the guise of Robert's Rules of Order, with which he claims she is not well versed.

'Robert's Rules' and disorder during library board meeting
The Record Gazette

Hatch, brandishing a copy of “Robert's Rules of Order,” exercised executive privilege and adjourned the meeting, despite several other items listed in ...

Field of Dreams - How the FFA is about more than farming
The Rushville Republican

Parliamentary Procedure was round two of my FFA experience, and this one certainly had much more of a positive impact. Teaching members how to ...

Can Trinity Toll Road Hatred Help Progressive Dallas Pols Build a Coalition of Sanity?
Dallas Observer (blog)

(The fact that except for Miller Dallas' mayors tend to rule thanks to a ... who doesn't know Robert's Rules of Order, or that somebody's after something, ...

Olympian Willie Banks Calls USATF Board Vote 'Totally Unforgivable'
Times of San Diego

“Under Robert's Rules of Order, any board member may make the motion.” Greifinger noted Tuesday that the board will meet March 14 in Los Angeles ...

POINT OF ORDER: Classification of motions
Newport News Times

Our parliamentary authority, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), devotes 22 pages to “Description of Motions in all Classifications.

Faculty Senate
UD Daily


Robert's Rules states that such requirements of those “present” are generally undesirable because an abstention in such cases has the same affect as ...

Tension marks Boise's Uber hearing
The Idaho Statesman

Bennett, to his credit, kept his cool and answered every question respectfully and sincerely, always observing Robert's Rules of Order. If Uber had sent ...

South Euclid Council undecided whether to apologize for public censure of two members; law ...


Council also skirted Robert's Rules of Order, Icove claims, because the guide says disciplinary procedures are "a drastic step reserved for serious 

Campton Hills officials struggle to agree as elections approach
Kane County Chronicle

Meetings have been so fraught with contention that, at times, elected officials pass around a copy of “Robert's Rules of Order” to allow the holder of it ...

How to work with someone with autism

ASD limits individuals' ability to understand the unwritten rules of ... Some workplaces may consider adopting Robert's Rules of Order for meetings.

Mock legislature gives teens a voice
Clay Today Online

The fun bills – one of which involved mandatory candy corn for K-12 students – are the way members learn Robert's Rules of Order and debate time ...

Gen. Henry M. Robert and Rules of Order
Yeoman's in the Fork

Henry M. Robert & Rules of Order: A Biographical Sketch of Henry Martyn Robert and Mosaic of the History of the Development of Rules of Order.

Student mock legislators hone skills with bills
Idaho State Journal

Using Robert's Rules of Order, other senators were able to challenge Sen. Hall and ask him questions about his bill. Once Hall had recognized him, ...

Dauphin County Technical School board approves refinance spending, rejects Central Dauphin's

Although a review of Robert's Rules established that Faleshock legally could make a motion, the board approved Davis' motion to appeal it in another ...

Let us search for the truth together
BusinessWorld Online Edition

His note neither exposed nor clarified, though perhaps his right to airtime -- as a matter of parliamentary procedure -- was as important to the Senate ...

Mountain Law: The proper way to take minutes of HOA meetings
Summit Daily News

Many people subscribe to a classic book on corporate formalities known as “Robert's Rules of Order.” “Robert's” indicates that minutes should be a ...

Hourigan Drive sewers
Meriden Record-Journal

Robert's Rules of Order must contain some rules about handling this type of disruptive behavior. Councilor Lenny Rich has gotten involved, and ...

The ACFC counters Athletics' request for budget increase with decrease proposal, but is overturned
Oregon Daily Emerald

... procedure, does not give the Finance Director authority to break a tie in the ACFC, and per Robert's Rules of Order, the tie indicated a motion failure.

Baylor senators file suit against internal vice president
The Baylor Lariat

Hardy said Kinghorn referenced Robert's Rules of Order as the reason for him not being recognized during the proceeding, saying he was not in good ...

Two supervisors offer somewhat of an apology for evening's events

And as soon as she got up to speak, point of order, it was out of order for her to speak. We're just trying to go by Robert's Rules of Order. If we don't do ...

Educate yourselves in public, Cornwall city council
Standard Freeholder

As to parliamentary procedure? This could and should have been covered in council orientation sessions held last year, in full public view. It's another ...

Local NAP unit to hold meeting Friday, Feb. 13, in Sale
Roanoke Times

The Roanoke Valley Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians will hold its monthly meeting Friday, Feb. 13, at 10 a.m. at First United ...

Northern Indiana high school student runs for City Counci
The Elkhart Truth

Asked about Robert's Rules of Order, the guidelines on conducting a formal meeting, Hunt says he's never heard of it. Not that he hasn't observed it.

Our say: County Council offers excuses, not openne

He told me Robert's Rules of Order is part of "The Communist Manifesto" and he's checking the Book of Leviticus to see how to run council meetings.

Unpaid dues a sign of protest
Bowling Green Daily News

Robert's Rules of Order” says of a motion to table: “It may be applied to any main motion; to any question of privilege or order of the day, after it is ...

Hope Mills leaves lake restoration committee in holding patter
Fayetteville Observer

Town Attorney T.C. Morphis Jr. said that would probably be sufficient, and that the board could refer to Robert's Rules of Order for clarification if ...

West Carroll Greenhand FFA Parliamentary Team wins Amboy Invitational
Journal Standard

SAVANNA — The West Carroll FFA Greenhand Parliamentary Procedure team placed first at the Amboy Greenhand FFA Parliamentary Procedure ...

Cumming seeks state AG's review of impeachment case
Forsyth County News Online

... charter of the city of Cumming Georgia, as supplemented by section 2-20 of the city's ordinances adopting Robert's Rules of Order provide sufficient ...

Livermore Falls selectmen to review rules on operating meetings
Lewiston Sun Journal

"There are reasons we don't really follow Robert's Rules of Order directly," board Chairwoman Louise Chabot said. If selectmen follow them, there will ...

No clapping! No cheering! No booing!
No clapping! No cheering! No booing!

The Spokesman Review (blog)

Specially, Robert's Rules of Order. (I move to approve the minutes. I second that motion. All those in favor...) Looking at next week's agenda, I'd guess ...

ASU student senator impeached
Mesa Legend

During the appeal, not only was the technology used called into question, but also how Robert's Rules of Order were used. In a decision of 4-0, the ...

Iberville School Board's struggle to select a president doesn't have an end in sight
The Advocate

Determining who's going to serve as president over the revamped Iberville Parish School Board could drag on for months — even years — if the ...

'City Manager's Corner' brings government to local airwaves
Foster's Daily Democrat

The second episode, aired this month, is an in-depth review of parliamentary procedure. It features a presentation of what parliamentary procedure is, ...

Kane County coroner faces $123000 overage in 2014
Kane County Chronicle

Because of this, the resolution technically remains at Finance, State's Attorney Joe McMahon said, citing Robert's Rules of Order. The issue is of ...

PSU to debate whether to oppose NCAA in lawsuit
Philly.com (blog)

Alumni-elected trustee Robert Jubelirer, who was in the audience, ... and then members began to quibble over the next topic: Robert's Rules of Order.

GOP can distance itself from Agema, but does it mean it?
Detroit Free Press

In reality, Robert's Rules of Order (the parliamentary procedures that generally govern the operations of such groups) allow for expulsion of a member ...

Do-over likely for planning commission on Millville
Peninsula Gateway

The language is important because it plays into Robert's Rules of Order, Kester said. Because the agenda lists the item as an intent to make a motion, ...

Complaint over Town Meeting non-vote denied in court
Wicked Local Wakefield

“The undisputed evidence before this Court indicates that Moderator [William] Caroll in good faith did his best to comply with Robert's Rules of Order, ...

New Iberville School Board deadlocks on officer elections
The Advocate

... session over their conflicting interpretations of Robert's Rules of Order and its apparent contradiction to the board's policy on selecting a president.

GOP senators ask RNC to oust Agema
The Detroit News

A draft copy of the letter says the RNC can use Robert's Rules of Order for parliamentary procedure to expel Agema from national meetings, ...

Lennox: Rules allow for Agema removal, if GOP wills it
The Morning Sun

Both the state and national parties operate under bylaws that defer to parliamentary procedure, which just about anyone who has ever been involved ...

Turning over a new leaf
Grand Forks Herald

For the council's first meeting, Holmer printed off a cheat sheet for "Robert's Rules of Order," which sets processes for how governing bodies conduct ...

Eufaula City Council calls emergency meeting for Tuesday morning

... says City Council President Bob Powers, announced that the council's vote on back on January 2nd Did not follow Robert's Rules of Order.

Snubbing the guy who sits beside her, Mary Mulhern endorses Julie Jenkins for Tampa City Council
Tampabay.com (blog)

... a couple of weeks sooner than he planned after Mulhern said that the council's parliamentary rules, based on Robert's Rules of Order, indicated that ...

Brad Osborne elected chairman of Lehigh County commissioners for 2015
WFMZ Allentown

But Commissioner Percy Dougherty reminded her that, under Robert's Rules of Order, the chair cannot nominate or make a motion. Holt then made ...

Waring: Town board needs rules of order
Fayetteville Observer

Over the past six months, controversial issues have brought to light that Robert's Rules of Order has never been officially adopted by the Hope Mills ...

Town Board updates Rules of Order
Amherst Bee

Additionally, the approved resolution also adds parliamentary procedures from Robert's Rules of Order for informational purposes. The rules state the ...

Hope Mills commissioners decline to act on Walmart rezoning
Fayetteville Observer

Later, Warner asked that a committee be appointed to study implementing rules of procedure such as Robert's Rules of Order for the board's meetings.

CAM advances to District Parliamentary Procedure CDE
Shelbyville Daily Union

The members are given a main motion (or topic) to discuss for 10 minutes and then judged on how well they adhere to Robert's Rules of Order, the ...

South Euclid City Council wrongly accuses Councilman Ed Icove of airing executive session ...

In the resolution, council cited a suggestion from Robert's Rules of Order that says members can be punished if they publicly convey the private ...

Resolutions for East Bay's common good

Civic discourse: In Oakland, Berkeley and especially Richmond, Robert's Rules of Order seem to have fallen by the wayside. The tone and tenor of ...

Councilmember Sanchez leaves meeting
Pleasanton Express

After having attended meetings at TML regarding meeting procedures, Denise Sanchez proposed that the Council begin using Robert's Rules of Order ...

From the Front Desk: What will finally finish the rezone fight?
Monroe Monitor

In Robert's Rules of Order, the widely-accepted overview of how to conduct meetings, rescinding votes is an okay thing to do. I was talking to an expert ...

Austin's new leaders go to orientation

Our new city leaders will go through a three day course and learn Robert's Rules of Order in addition to holding a mock city council meeting. The city ...

Patrick Gerry seeks top seat on Gardner City Council
Worcester Telegram

He added the council president's role is primarily as parliamentarian, ensuring meetings are guided by "Robert's Rules of Order," which the council ...

Jefferson Parish School Board member Michael Delesdernier asks board to recast his decisive ...

Per Robert's Rules of Order, a member generally may not change his vote after the board chairman has declared the final outcome, a 1988 opinion ...

Richardson should eschew petty
Lowell Sun

... of respect for elected officials at selectmen's meetings and tri-board meetings, and her failure to run meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order.

Appointment rules clarified at Tijeras meeting
Mountain View Journal

Jaramillo is familiar with Robert's Rules of Order and is familiar with running a meeting; the planning and zoning commission appoints its own ...

Resident again accuses Parish Council of backing down from racism
Daily Comet

When Dean interrupted Navy's response, Councilwoman Arlanda Williams pointed out that his statement was out of order according to Robert's Rules ...

MSB Planning Commission testimony runs late
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

... he was a cash customer of the business within the last calendar year didn't meet the standards set by Robert's Rules of Order, Ingaldson said.

Morristown names East Orange attorney as new town clerk
Morristown Green

... with state open records laws and parliamentary procedures such as Robert's Rules of Order set him apart, said town Administrator Michael Rogers.

Furrer has much to learn about city's mayoral post
Call Newspapers

We wish we could report that Furrer's grasp of parliamentary procedure and the workings of city government have improved since April, but that's ...

school board has first session in 2 years
Cowichan Valley Citizen

... experience particularly around things like governance and Robert's Rules of Order and facilitation, with a background of knowledge of the district.".

Coffee County BOE schedules meetings, discusses changes
Dothan Eagle

The work sessions would include instruction in Robert's Rules of Order, a book that contains rules of order for boards and assemblies, and instruction ...

OUR VIEW: Ethics discussion a healthy topic
The Daily Progress

Town Attorney Martin Crim, who reviewed and approved the proposed changes to the code of ethics, said Robert's Rules of Order spells out an ...

Council to review study of housing

... Craghead St. and a proposal to establish formal rules and procedures for the council beyond the Robert's Rules of Order rules currently followed.

Late-night votes by Williamsville Board of Education lead to squabble
Buffalo News

But they then spent more than 20 minutes in a bitter debate over whether Robert's Rules of Order allowed them to vote to remove Board Member Toni ...

Council elects mayor pro-tem, delays compensation plan
Crossville Chronicle

I feel that we need someone that knows Robert's Rules of Order well and has the presence of mind to maintain order.” Souza then nominated council ...

Council protocol to change
The West Milford Messenger

... pretty much at every meeting - to follow Robert's Rules of Order, although he sometimes does ... Township attorney Fred Semrau said last week that Robert's Rules is ... “You don't guide your meetings by Robert's Rules,” he added.

Special Meeting To Begin District Process In City
Waterbury Observer

Adoption of Robert's Rules of Order (10th ed.) as Guidance Document for Parliamentary Procedure. 2. Cramer & Anderson LLP - Power Point ...

Attorney/Author Jim Slaughter Informs About Robert's Rules After Bloodless Coup
Columbia County Observer

In the event they may be of use for future articles, I wanted to share information on my two recently released books on Robert's Rules of Order.

Hanover board to reconsider development denial Wednesday
Richmond Times-Dispatch

The county adopted a set of rules for governing meetings called Robert's Rules of Order, which states any vote can be rescinded by a majority vote, ...

Commissioners table marriage resolution
The Stokes News

Before the board could vote on the proposed resolution, Commissioner Leon Inman submitted a substitute motion, under Robert's Rules of Order ...

Rules changes would give House leaders more power
Great Falls Tribune

The other proposed change would eliminate a parliamentary procedure known as the "call of the House." Under the existing rules the House speaker ...

Sivick tells Jensen meetings with council members are illegal
Grand Island Independent

“I explained to Mr. Jensen that I know a lot of the rules we follow in ... It deals with Robert's Rules of Order, making motions and meeting protocol.

School Board Tradition Led to Three-Hour Vote for Chairman
Southern Pines Pilot

"Robert's Rules of Order provide that voting should be repeated 'as many times as necessary to obtain a majority vote for a single candidate,'" she said ...

City council switches to electronic voting

Robert's Rules of Order stipulate the mayor, as chair, votes last and can break a tie. Wolfe said the mayor, or whoever is occupying the chair's seat, ...

Manatee County Commission saves 'Christmas,' but gets grinchy in vote for port chairman
Bradenton Herald

He eventually referred to Robert's Rules of Order and determined the commission had to vote on whether to elect Whitmore or DiSabatino to the post.

Columbia County's Bloodless Coup: A New Era at The County 5?

He said that Robert's Rules (of Order) considers a non vote as a "yes" vote. The 5 don't ... If they did, Robert's Rules do not trump the County Charter.

Gilbert Public Schools delays outline of textbook redactions
Gilbert Public Schools delays outline of textbook redactions

East Valley Tribune

In a second email sent after the meeting, Burk said the Robert's Rules of Order, which the board follows, only allows for the modification of already ...

Baldwin County Commissioners: $150000 settlement with former supervisor unrelated to ...

Sanks alleges that this move was a violation of Robert's Rules of Order, which prevents a motion from being taken up a second time in the same ...

Debate continues over Westminster West School
Brattleboro Reformer

... man who helped her when she joined the board and member Rick Gordon said Axtell's "command of Robert's Rules of Order will be greatly missed.".

Let's Stay Focused on Self-Determination for Our Nations
Indian Country Today Media Network

... the UN high level plenary, would be conducted using Robert's Rules of Order, because evidently that is their standard way of conducting meetings.

Democrats' parliamentary moves kill Walz's VA committee leadership bid

“I do respect that there is a need for a rule, and I do respect parliamentary procedure, it's what separates us from anarchy,

Silver Sage FFA News
Elko Daily Free Press

The parliamentary procedure team, consisting of Alex Biesinger, Colton Brunson, Matt Barnes, Kurtis Petersen, John Lydon and Kathy Macdiarmid, ...

University Heights Council OKs zone change -- sans car wash -- at Cedar-Green
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com

As for contentions that council had followed Robert's Rules of Order by taking no action on Nov. 3, Fisher said "that only applies if there isn't a direct ...

Accusations, lies, and spin at the LUSU board meeting
The Argus.ca

Robert's Rules of Order also state that silence means consent. The onus would have been on another LUSU member to challenge Sabota but since ...

NSLS: The details behind deactivation
UAA Northern Light

It's a commonly understood tenet of Robert's Rules (of Order). The executive sessions exist to sort of allow members, the wider council or even the ...

Faculty task the administration with planning multicultural discussion day
The DePauw

... the procedure, as well as reminding them that they would be following Robert's Rules of Order, which provides a guide for parliamentary procedure.

Law less-ness
Columbia Daily Herald

Robert's Rules of Order provides for “majority rule” in decision making and has been codified in the operation of our Congress of the House and ...

ASASU Supreme Court rejects former senator Isabelle Murray's impeachment appeal
The State Press

“It says in Robert's Rules (of order) that you can call for a revote and you did not, and it's not up to us to call a revote for you,” Mastin said. “And with that ...

Roberts Rules of Order
HOA Talk.com

One member stated that Roberts Rules of Order state that the person to be appointed comes from last years annual meeting and the person who ...

UGA team wins best delegation award at Southeast Model African Union
UGA Today

As part of the simulation, students learn how to use and apply parliamentary procedures using Robert's Rules of Order. Each participant chooses a ...

Dividing the Spoils

... talked with political scientist David Primo, who thinks Congress may be spending more time studying The Godfather than Robert's Rules of Order.

The Exchange

Mr. Clegg: You are in violation of your obligations under Robert's Rules of Order, Mr. Chairman… Mr. Farrell: Fine, Mr. Clegg, you can take that up with ...

In Virginia, consent agenda rules can be interpretive
Daily Press

.... The guidelines in Robert's Rules state consent agendas are "a good way to ...

Accusations, lies, and spin at the LUSU board meeting
The Argus.ca

Robert's Rules of Order also state that silence means consent. The onus would have been on another LUSU member to challenge Sabota but since ...

Whidbey Island Marathon funding do-over stumbles
Whidbey News-Times (subscription)

In fact, a check of multiple websites about Robert's Rules of Order and the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, which the council adopted, ...

Council me
Naples Daily News

... items, Parliamentary procedure, white papers, appeals for rulings to the (temporary replacement) City Attorney, and citing of Robert's Rules of Order.

Penn State adds trustees to board
Centre Daily Times

... the chairmanship, like allowing him to determine the maximum number of members on the executive committee, substituting Robert's Rules of Order ...

Kearney's People First takes pride in top chapter win
Kearney Hub

The group elects officers, maintains a budget and follows Robert's Rules of Order at its meetings. Speakers and social events round out the yearly ...

Parking committee may disband
Biddeford - Saco - OOB Courier

The group also includes councilors Marc Lessard (chairman), Robert ... ad hoc committee because Robert's Rules of Order requires such committees ...

Education Is About Democracy Not Economics
City Watch

... who now sits on the Board of Harbor Commissioners, had ever read Robert's Rules of Order or the preamble of the California Brown Act. Most public ...

Kuna FFA at National Convention
Kuna Melba News

The Parliamentary Procedure team was coached by Mr. Blackstock with team members Elizabeth Reynolds (Chairman), Macy Hagler, Henry Wilson, ...

Zoning appeal fails
Cookeville Herald Citizen

Councilman Charles Womack made a motion to deny the request, but later withdrew his motion because Robert's Rules of Order, which are followed ...

Caroline County School Board censures one of its members
The Free Lance-Star

Rebecca Broaddus, the clerk of the School Board, said Anderson did not have a vote, according to Robert's Rules of Order. The resolution said, in part ...

Under Review: Inconsistencies cloud SGB's constitutional referenda
University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News

Meaning, the Board doesn't have to follow the rules established in the .... Bylaws and the most recently revised edition of Robert's Rules of Order.”.

Guidelines for conducting convention business

In order to conduct the business of the Baptist State Convention of North ... introduction and deliberation of business follows Roberts Rules of Order.

Mullendore gets 1-year contract extension with Belding
Greenville Daily News

According to Belding's official rules and procedures for the council, all rules of parliamentary practice are to follow “Robert's Rules of Order,” a book ...

Supervisors shut down talk of a pay hike, table the item
Loudoun Times-Mirror

"Per Robert's Rules of Order, the motion to take from the table cannot be reconsidered, as it can be renewed repeatedly if lost, and, if carried, the ...

War of Words: Ousted Elections Committee Chair pleads case
University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News

Tracey said Barney did not officially motion to vote during the hearing, one of the key components of Robert's Rules of Order. Tracey said he could not ...

Mullendore gets 1-year contract extension with Belding
Greenville Daily News

According to Belding's official rules and procedures for the council, all rules of parliamentary practice are to follow “Robert's Rules of Order,” a book ...

Proposed Winsted charter changes fail at polls
Torrington Register Citizen

WINSTED >> Residents of Winchester voted down the adoption of 15 proposed changes to the town charter Tuesday night. The list of mostly miniscule ...

Division 3 director resigns from board
Ramona Sentinel

... claiming that board members violate RMWD written policy in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order and violate recommendations of two previous ...

Jensen wins mayoral race comfortably over Haase
Grand Island Independent

... something I'm going to have to get coached on, is the method of running the meeting — the formality of it — Robert's Rules of Order,” Jensen said.

Resident concerned with proposed procedural bylaw
Airdrie Echo

Maines also noted the meetings should follow Robert's Rules of Order when it comes to making motions and having discussions. Alderman Allan ...

Engaging children and youth in election season
Michigan State University Extension

Refer to a previous article by MSU Extenson on parliamentary procedure basics for more information. Talk to young people about what qualities they ...

Judicial Board petition seeks special General Assembly to debate Palestine motion
McGill Daily

The article states that, one week before a GA, SSMU must adopt standing rules for the GA that “make Robert's Rules easier for students to understand.

15 proposed charter changes on Winsted ballot
Torrington Register Citizen

A parliamentarian is no longer necessary when the selectmen use Robert's Rules of Order. • The Economic Development Committee no longer has ...

Board boots elections chair
University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News

Nites said, in addition to general improper conduct within meetings and hearings, Barney sometimes neglected to follow Robert's Rules of Order, the ...

Bylaw Maneuvers
Virginia Connection Newspapers

From Robert's Rules of Order: "An amendment is adopted by a majority vote, even if the motion to be amended requires a two-thirds vote." Thus ...

My Voice: South Dakota deserves ranked choice voting
Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Used in a growing number of cities and supported by Robert's Rules of Order for organizational elections, ranked-choice voting empowers voters to ...

Impact study still in limbo

Selsor then read from a section of Robert's Rules of Order about Committees of the Whole. He pointed out that the committee “may only consider what ...

Imperial FFA teams, national officer candidate at convention
Imperial Republican

Imperial also has a Parliamentary Procedure team competing. Team members include Blair Hartman, Anna Bauerle, MaKenna Ketter, Jessica ...

County attorney addresses League of Women Voters on open meetings
County attorney addresses League of Women Voters on open meetings

So Md News

... for what is public comment except what the board will allow, because public comment isn't even covered in Robert's Rules of Order,” Norris said.

Suggests Alexander would be 'innovative force'
The Greater New Milford Spectrum

He's an expert on Robert's Rules of Order, helps keep the process straight and correct, and invariably gains the respect of the room. Gale would be a ...

2015 pay hike recommended for constitutional officers
Coldwater Daily Reporter

"Robert's Rules of Order does not require I abstain from the vote and I don't intend to abstain." The chairman said he and other commissioners have ...

Absence of UTSU AGM agenda questioned

The UTSU's bylaws require the procedure of an AGM to follow that of the most recent version of Robert's Rules of Order. “This year has contentious ...

Parliamentary Procedure team takes fifth
Pierce County Tribune

The Rugby FFA chapter's parliamentary procedure team took fifth place out of 16 teams at the state meet Oct. 15 in Bismarck. Before going into the ...

Bill Webb elected North Kitsap School Board president
North Kitsap Herald

Henden questioned the reasoning, citing Robert's Rules of Order, which would lead to him becoming president. He suggested the board make policy ...

Heated WICA meeting covers zoning issues and business complaints

After a Robert's Rules of Order discussion broke out, some questioned whether the group was freezing members of the general public out from a ...

Humane society board hammered at public meeting
The Keene Sentinel

The shelter's members, volunteers, donors and staff argued, cried and voted on multiple motions under Robert's Rules of Order, and by 10 p.m. the ...

Vote 3-2 to Shift Lower's Public Safety Building
Cape May County Herald (press release)

This caused some consternation and discussion on the Roberts' Rules of Order, and then a short recess to sort out the propriety of the procedural ...

Bradenton Beach ouster of mayor on 'time out'
The Anna Maria Islander

Lacking specific guidelines, city attorney Ricinda Perry advised that the commission normally relies on Robert's Rules of Order. However, Perry ...

Residents, students learn how town government works
Hartford Courant

The first Colchester Government 101 class, with 16 registered attendees, met Thursday, Oct. 2, in Town Hall. Eight other Thursday evening sessions ...

Robert's Rules of Order Refresher for Formal Meetings
Event Blog by Cvent

Robert's Rules of Order While meetings in the US and Canada tend to be informal, in some countries formal meetings are still the order of the day.

Club Spotlight: Maryland Student Legislature
Washington College Elm

The sessions are highly structured with Parliamentary procedure and are held at colleges around the state. At each session, delegations break down ...

Fine Arts Council eyes new home
Hernando Today

BROOKSVILLE — The Hernando County Fine Arts Council has endured a bumpy ride in recent years as it deals with friction at board meetings, loss of ...

What's up with the mayoral veto?
Grand Island Independent

Under Robert's Rules of Order, the presiding officer tries to remain as ... But Robert's Rules, which the city of Grand Island follows, only serves as a ...

What constitutes a majority
Newport News Times

Chapter 45 of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) covers the subject of voting procedure. The rights of voting membership is a ...

Closure : Robert Borden and the Death of Parliamentary Debate
The McGill International Review

Canadian parliamentary procedure was swiftly turned on its head, and the procedural device of “closure” was born. Closure would be a tool that ...

North Whidbey Park & Rec redoing board appointment, extending application deadline to Oct. 17
Whidbey News-Times

McDougall said that the park board relies on Robert's Rules of Order to run its meetings, and that inconsistencies between Roberts Rules and state ...

Refresher – Robert's Rules of Order (Part 1)
Refresher – Robert's Rules of Order (Part 1)

Today I briefly discuss the types of motions under Robert's Rules of Order: main, subsidiary, privileged, incidental, and previous motions.

Polis using parliamentary procedure to try and get a House vote on ENDA
Dallas Voice

House Democrats announced Wednesday, Sept. 17, that they will try to use a parliamentary procedure — a discharge petition — to force the ...

Point of Order
Newport News Times

I have chosen the title of “Point of Order” to discuss the topic of parliamentary procedure, otherwise known as “Robert's Rules of Order,” a manual of ...

Ed board OKs disputed teacher permit
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

The latest change specifically adopts Robert's Rules of Order as a default mechanism when the board's own rules don't address a specific situation.

State board might change rules again at Fort Wayne meeting
Chalkbeat Colorado

... meeting rules, which is often, observers can sometimes be heard whispering a simple question: why don't they just follow Robert's Rules of Order?

Aldermen vote to throw out Robert's Rules of Order
New Bern Sun Journal

That is in opposition to the prior city ordinance that said the Board of Aldermen shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. Robert's ...

Aldermen to consider revenue bonds, new rules for meetings
New Bern Sun Journal

Aldermen will consider changing the current rules of order and order of ... of aldermen shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised …

Kane school board deals with personnel issues
Bradford Era

School board president Claire Ann Depto said a change in the protocol for the evening's meeting would involve suspending Roberts Rules of Order for ...

Roeland Park has avenues to revisit defeated ordinance — Roberts Rules of Order vs. other rules
Prairie Village Post

In the wake of the defeat of Roeland Park's anti-discrimination ordinance on a 4-3 vote, a question for some residents is whether that vote is the last ...

A flying book. A call to police. A civic league spiraling.
The Virginian-Pilot

That was when a copy of “Robert's Rules of Order” went whizzing over the heads of league members, bounced off a table and plunked Jefferson in the ...

Local Students Attend State Future Farmers of America Convention
SurfKY News

During the course of the convention, FFA members competed in various public speaking events and the parliamentary procedure career development ...

Revised ordinance for culling white tailed dear in Avon Lake passed council
The Plain Dealer

He was grateful for Council Clerk Barbara Dopp's guidance and Law Director Abe Lieberman's recommendations through a bevy of Robert's Rules ...



New Website Offers Resources on Roberts Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure

The site is focused on running effective business meetings using Robert's Rules of Order and includes many free resources on running shorter, more ...

Requests For Fort Smith Legal Audit Prompt Probe Of Robert's Rules
Times Record

Two on-again, off-again resolutions pulled before Tuesday's Fort Smith Board of Directors meeting prompted both a review of Robert's Rules of Order ...

Council delays filling alder seat

City Attorney Mark Leonard, citing Robert's Rules of Order, told alders that none of the candidates should be removed from consideration until a ...

Time to return to James Street
Orillia Packet & Times

These rules are covered by Chapter 22 of the Orillia Municipal Code. Chapter 22 states that Robert's Rules of Order are the parliamentary authority ...

State GOP convention collapses
Idaho State Journal

MOSCOW — Bogged down by infighting over the qualifications of delegates and squabbles over Robert's Rules of Order, the Idaho Republican ...

Governance rules a threat to free speech
Nanaimo Daily News

This is, again, something the mayor already had, as presented in Robert's Rules of Order and the community charter. Greves chaired the steering ...

14 Hours with a Mob

It's known today as Robert's Rules of Order and still used to run meetings. What you may not know is that the entire Roberts family were fervent ...

Wherefore Robert's Rules of Order?
NEXT Church

“Robert's Rules are best you know, for the Bible tells us so.” ... or download, their latest version of Robert's Rules of Order, the ancient, yet-oft-revised ...

Is there a body of parliamentary procedural law comparable to Robert's Rules for organizations ...

Robert's Rules state that they are only applicable for meetings held "in a ... I am looking for anyone who has developed such special rules of order or ...

Bowser wins endorsement of gay Democrats
Washington Post

In the end, there was really no debate at all — just a lot of Robert's Rules of Order. Backers of independent mayoral candidate David A. Catania failed ...

Can a board require hurricane shutters?

Our covenants say that we must use Robert's Rules. Our president talks on motions, debates with the board of directors, and says that she can speak ...

Simon Speaks Toastmasters Club: Roberts Rules of Order

Posts about Roberts Rules of Order written by MsSoniaSandhu.

Leesburg to Host Freedom of Information Act Training
Leesburg Today

The town is holding a training session on the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, the Conflict of Interest Act, COIA, and Robert's Rules of Order for all ...


What Clients Say...

Your expertise and knowledge enabled us to run our meetings in an orderly manner. The parliamentary procedures that you pointed out were not familiar to me and I think it contributed greatly to our success.

President LeRoy F. Saunders

American Council of the Blind