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Robert's Rules in the News

News articles on Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure appear below, with most recent articles appearing first.

Celebrate FFA Week

The Daily Star-Journal

Besides that, almost every organized board or committee claims to follow “Robert's Rules of Order” as its guiding document, but none actually does. The reason I bring this up is because this week is National FFA Week. During National FFA Week many chapters reach out to the community sharing how ...

FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Robert's Rules of Horror

Huntsville Item

I am not exactly sorry I brought up Robert's Rules of Order, but now I promptly suggest that we play Chicken Train, Apple or Monopoly rather than hold another one of those scary meetings. Even games like War, Fish or Slap-Jack, which I hated even when I was a first-grader is preferable to one of those ...

Hanson wants to reconsider water depot decision

Williston Daily Herald

Williams County Commissioner Martin Hanson has invoked Robert's Rules of Order to revisit a water depot decision that became contentious during the county commission's Feb. 6 meeting. ... Robert's Rules of Order requires advance notice the meeting before such a motion is introduced. Two of the ...

At contentious meeting, 5th District Democrats decide to stick with convention

The Daily Progress

After disagreements over whether calling on members by name to recuse themselves counted as a personal attack according to Robert's Rules, a motion was made to rescind the committee's October decision to hold a convention. If passed, the committee would be back to where they were prior to the ...

Nashville District tames Cumberland River with the 'Old Locks'


Henry Robert, who published the first edition of Robert's Rules of Order 20 years before arriving in Nashville, replaced Barlow as commander of the district in 1891. Under Robert's direction, the canalization got fully underway with construction of Lock and Dam A and Lock and Dam 1, the two projects ...

5th District Democrats may switch from convention to primary to choose Rep. Tom Garrett opponent

Roanoke Times

With approximately 25 committee members on the call all attempting to adhere to Robert's Rules of Order, some members talked over their colleagues while several others complained about the sound quality and being able to hear everything that was said. Intermittent background noise of a barking dog ...

5th District Democrats eye switch to primary; argument ensues in conference call

The Daily Progress

The arguments continued, mostly around violations of Robert's Rules of Order and whether the agenda could be changed or if it had been approved already. Marty Silverman, of Albemarle, attempted to end the arguments by spelling out the issue. “If we accept the motion to continue with the discussion, ...

Council rejects standing committees policies


Among the requirements listed in the policy were that each council member should receive training in the Freedom of Information Act and Robert's Rules of Order; each committee can have a public comment item on the agenda so that anyone, including the mayor or council members not a member of ...

Experts say Groton Town Council within rights to change minutes praising Somers


Evan Lemoine, immediate past president of the New England Association of Parliamentarians, said the council's action complies with Robert's Rules of Order, a manual commonly used by governmental and other bodies that spells out proper parliamentary procedure. “This is why the minutes should ...

City Council to consider new format for meetings

Charlottesville Tomorrow

They also agreed to use a less formal version of Robert's Rules of Order. “Discussion and debate of matters before the Council for action shall be undertaken in an informal and conversational matter, as much as possible,” read the proposed new rules. Council will also hold “town hall” meetings in ...

My Love Affair with Austin City Hall

Austin Monthly (blog)

I had convinced someone to give me a shot at writing, which seemed cool, and soon found myself in a council meeting trying to figure out who was who, what was what, and knowing blessedly little about Robert's Rules of Order. It was intimidating as hell, and I thought that everyone could tell that I was ...

River Valley Raiders are 'in business'

Gallipolis Daily Tribune

The parliamentary procedure is a contest where students learn to operate a meeting according to “Robert's Rules of Orders” in order to accomplish a given task. Each team is given a random and unknown to them task to resolve, and are judged on how they hold their meeting. Students must use basic ...

Tense Meeting Yields New Officer on Key Municipal Group

New Canaanite

Lindstrom, addressing the suggestion that Spring return to the commission as an alternate, said it would be “perfectly acceptable.” “What I would like to say is the one thing I request if you continue on is that you observe Robert's Rules and that is one of the things, for instance we usually speak when we ...

Democrats choose primary to nominate a challenger to Rep. Dave Brat


But Shyam Raman, the political director for the Democratic Party of Virginia, said the closure was permitted under Robert's Rules of Order. In Northern Virginia, Democrats already chose a primary to pick a nominee to challenge GOP U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock in the 10th District. Last week, Democrats ...

Burlington board grapples with chairman's accusation of racism


To that end, the Board has requested advice on protocol for a Board response and a legal opinion on the appropriateness of the delivery of Chair Porter's personal statement to the Board (last night) under chair's prerogatives and Robert's Rules of Order.” What, if any, action the board could take against ...

SGA appoints new chief justice, commissioners

Berkeley Beacon

Northey said she wants to work more with Robert's Rules of Order—a widely used rule book on legislative meetings—and make sure that the Financial Advisory Board, Constitutional Review Board, and Organization Recognition and Review Board operate smoothly. SGA also appointed Erin Burgess as ...

Cindy Lange-Kubick: Karen Watson, bringing you world peace by way of parliamentary procedure

Hastings Tribune

A professional registered parliamentarian is a person who knows Robert's Rules of Order inside and out, backward and forward and sideways. A person who wants you to have an efficient, effective and fair meeting and will tell you precisely how to go about it. A person who is certified by the National ...

Monroe water bill increase initially falters, then moves forward

Monroe News Star

After a discussion of Robert's Rules of Order, the Monroe City Council introduced an ordinance that would increase water rates in the city by 73 cents per 1,000 gallons of water used. The rate change, if it receives final approval, would see the average water bill for 5,000 gallons increase by ...

Meeting rules, budget concerns top council retreat agenda

The Daily Progress

In discussing agenda items, per the proposed changes, the council no longer would be required to limit agenda item discussions to 30 minutes and would take a more relaxed approach in observing Robert's Rules of Order, widely followed guidelines for parliamentary and governing bodies that date to ...

Michelle Fischbach: The new lieutenant governor at the center of a legal storm

TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

During an interview in her Senate office, Fischbach leafed through copies of “Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure” and “Robert's Rules of Order” that she had marked up with dozens of Post-It notes. When a Senate staffer warned her that this story might portray her as a “lovable nerd” obsessed with ...

Preservation commission hearing scheduled amid objections


Additionally, the commission adopted Robert's Rules of Order in response to concerns cited by Kramer's attorney, Brian McCool of the Fredrickson and Byron law firm. In a letter to McCool, Rochester Assistant City Attorney Patricia Alfredson said the city staff considers the other objections to be "without ...

An RSU exec resigned, what's next for the student union?

The Eyeopener

Nyaga said that since she also acts as chair in these meetings, she can vote a second time in the event of a tie, according to Robert's Rules. But she said she “doesn't want to be that person that's going over everybody's head and breaking ties,” and would rather compromise with the other executives and ...

Political fireworks fly at Jefferson Parish School Board meeting

The Advocate

Before the meeting, new board President Mark Morgan distributed copies of Robert's Rules of Order and notified members that political and personal attacks would not be tolerated during the meetings. But member Cedric Floyd was determined to point out how some of his colleagues and he differed.

Dem Zidek clashes with GOP over meeting minutes

The Delaware County Daily Times

“I think we want to accurately capture what occurred but the minutes of the meeting per both the Sunshine Act and per Robert's Rules of Order are not a verbatim transcript of what occurs,” the chairman said. “If you look at our minutes ... we are as descriptive or more descriptive of what the discussion is at ...

Salisbury City Council will now open meetings with moment of silence instead of prayer

Salisbury Post

The council discussed whether to change its parliamentary rules from Robert's Rules of Order to another method. The council agreed to look into whether switching from Robert's Rules might help make meetings smoother and more efficient. Miller recommended that a subcommittee be put together to ...

Jeopardy!' contestant reflects on four-day winning streak

Bismarck Tribune

Becker wagered $1 in Final Jeopardy! and was the only contestant to answer correctly. The final clue read: “This manual resulted from a military engineer's attendance at an unruly 1860s church meeting.” The correct response was “What is Robert's Rules of Order?” Going into the fourth show, Becker's ...

Republican Michelle Fischbach prepares for unusual partnership as Gov. Dayton's lieutenant

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Michelle Fischbach's copies of "Robert's Rules of Order" and "Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure" brim with Post-it notes. In her down time, she will page through the books she uses to preside over the Minnesota Senate. For fun. The self-proclaimed "rules geek," a Republican who spent the past ...

Palatine board's vote to hire meeting referee may signal dysfunction, expert says

North Cook News

The primer on proper parliamentary procedure is Robert's Rules of Order, a manual Wikipedia says was first published in 1876, which has seen updates as recently as 2011. But there are slimmer alternatives to this 800-page tome, Judar says. For instance, an Internet search lists a Dummies Cheat ...

Palatine Township board delays parliamentarian decision

Chicago Daily Herald

In addition to being masters of the commonly used Robert's Rules of Order and other methods to ensure well-run meetings, a parliamentarian is expected to make sure board members keep their comments on a current issue and prevent crosstalk. While uncommon at suburban governments, ...

Markovich gains gavel at school district

Alpenhorn News

“Superior inter-personal communication skills, ability to listen objectively, superior writing skills, stability, understanding of Robert's Rules of Order, understanding of the Brown Act, compliance with The Brown Act, time availability, attendance at California State Board Association (CSBA) Board ...

Concord Matters

KFUO Radio

Today's conversation covers defining the church, what's special about the church, chocolate mice, and Robert's Rules of Order. Rev. Sean Smith is pastor of Immanuel-Campbell Hill and St. Paul-Wine Hill, Illinois. Rev. Jonathan Fisk is host of His Time and Cross Defense on Worldwide KFUO. Rev.

Complaint prompts OMA probe

Traverse City Record Eagle

Robert's Rules of Order determine a quorum constitutes a majority of members of the board, leaving to question how a majority would be defined in the building authority's case, according to the opinion. Trey Allen, an assistant professor of public law and government at the University of North Carolina ...

Council Approves Changes To Rules and Procedures

Los Alamos Daily Post

“We know Robert's Rules has been in place for a century … (or for) quite a long time; they are tested procedures and I think we are overthinking the ...

Engagement forum to replace Regina Public School Board electors' meeting

Regina Leader-Post

The annual meetings of electors were conducted much like a formal board meeting, with an elected chair and following Robert's Rules of Order. Attendees could vote on motions that were presented, but the motions weren't binding for the board. “They were one large forum where people would have to ...

Palatine Township wants expert to referee board meetings

Chicago Daily Herald

In addition to being masters of the commonly used Robert's Rules of Order and other methods to ensure well-run meetings, a parliamentarian is expected to make sure board members keep their comments on a current issue and prevent crosstalk. Palatine Township Trustee Bill Pohlman said he'll ...

SE Delco rescinds super's contract extension

Delco News Network

As soon as the meeting came to order Wilson made a motion to adjourn based on Robert's Rules of Order saying a contract cannot be rescinded. The motion failed. Young also said the meeting was illegal under the board's own policies. The rescission of a contract to a superintendent has been dealt ...

Carroll commissioners shoot down airport donation

Conway Daily Sun

Bevard attempted to end the discussion, as there was no motion per Robert's Rules of Order, but Hounsell kept going. "You folks, and I apologize for ...

Carroll commissioners shoot down airport donation

Conway Daily Sun

Bevard attempted to end the discussion, as there was no motion per Robert's Rules of Order, but Hounsell kept going. "You folks, and I apologize for ...

Aurora City Council to reconsider Scientel project

Chicago Tribune

To reconsider the votes, according to Robert's Rules of Order, the council needed someone to make the motion to reconsider, and second it, from the ...

Mayor warns OLHS to adhere to management agreement; Quarterly numbers presented

Oxford Eagle

Expectations in the contract include OLHS holding regular, open meetings with notice given as to the time, date and location of the meetings; conducting board meetings following Robert's Rules of Order; keeping minutes that are available for public viewing and allowing the city and Lafayette County to ...

New East Hampton council leader expected to 'restore civility' to panel

Middletown Press

With its leadership settled, the council proceeded to use Robert's Rules of Order to govern it procedures and adopted the traditional second and fourth ...

Wabasha County Board sits silent, kills proposed hospice


The Wabasha County Board of Commissioners did not set a time for a public hearing for a tax abatement request – the motion for the hearing died for lack of a second, according to Robert's Rules of Order – and the hearing will not be held. That means the project will not receive a requested tax ...

Pritchett to chair Brevard County Commission for next year

Florida Today

Pritchett said she has been studying up on Robert's Rules of Order, a manual on parliamentary procedure for running meetings, joking that "I hope I ...

Mancos planning commission approves meeting protocols

The Journal

... are the first rules the town has adopted specifically for the commission, which previously conducted meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order.

Dane County Board to reconvene Tuesday, may reconsider tax levy, vehicle registration


"Under Robert's Rules, if somebody had indicated that they wanted to debate something and they didn't get the opportunity to, you can disregard the vote and come back," Corrigan said. A supervisor who either did not attend the meeting or was on the prevailing side of the vote can call for an item to be ...

After failed requests for info on refugee cost, group studies possible recall of officials

St. Cloud Times

Palmer has attended the last few council meetings and study sessions, and has offered to speak about Robert's Rules of Order, on which the council's ...

Newly elected Marysville City Council members sworn in

New Baltimore Voice Newspapers

“I appreciate it.” The council adopted the newest edition of Robert's Rules of Order and Citizen's Participation Guides as its parliamentary procedures.

County official walked out because of 'anger and frustration'

Brunswick News

Murphy said according to Robert's Rules of Order, a motion needs to be seconded before discussion between commissioners can take place. He added that he asked Commission Chairman Bill Brunson if he could speak before making a motion, but his request was declined. Because the motion wasn't ...

Council transparency not always so clear throughout Newfoundland and Labrador

The Gulf News

She said providing a recap of conversations used to be more common in years past, but under Robert's Rules of Order, it is not required. “That is the ...

Election to give East Penn majority in favor of kindergarten, but it's no guarantee of a new vote

Allentown Morning Call

The school board follows Robert's Rules of Order, parliamentary procedures first published in 1896 that are commonly adopted by local governments ...

Swansea special Town Meeting voters OK track rebuild, 12 other articles

Fall River Herald News

The bylaws were also amended to list “Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised”: and “Town Meeting Time — A Handbook of Parliamentary Law” as ...

What you need to know about the upcoming UTSU AGM


All UTSU meetings operate under Robert's Rules of Order. The rules were established by a US Army Officer named Henry Martyn Robert in 1876 by ...

California College Republicans elect new leader in stormy Anaheim session


... times by Rowlands and others, who questioned many decisions Danzek had made and pointed out that they contravened Robert's Rules of Order.

UC Student Association maintained efforts to appease, collaborate with graduate students

Daily Californian

Graduates commonly used meeting procedures, like Robert's Rules, as a weapon against underprivileged communities unfamiliar with the rules, ...

Discussion of Tebo's contract pulled from agenda

Suwannee Democrat

Miller brought up that the motion would need a two-thirds majority vote, but only received 60 percent majority vote based on Robert's Rules of Order.

Greenfield Town Council hopefuls share thoughts on hot topics

The Recorder

“He knows local law, he knows rhetoric, he knows Robert's Rules, he knows parliamentary procedure, he knows state law, and if he can't dazzle you, ...

Opening arguments made in PSEA v. Fairbanks

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

A justice asked Brown whether any of the council's procedures violated any laws, Robert's Rules, or other recognized rules throughout the process of ...

Reprimanded Akron Councilman Bob Hoch says ego, not race, is at the heart of council's troubles


... to help council follow both its established rules and Robert's Rules of Order, widely used to determine parliamentary procedure in the United States.

Town council in quandary over Hope trash vote

The Republic

... members followed Johnson's lead and rescinded their approval after Johnson claimed they were allowed to do so under Robert's Rules of Order.

Pound expands credit line


He searched Robert's Rules and found the provision that permitted the action to continue under the same motion. Council approved — on a 3-1 vote, ...

Abutters upset by lack of input on Rochester subdivision

Foster's Daily Democrat

“They're trying to work according to (Robert's Rules of Order)… but what frustrates us is that a lot of the discussion on any project happens between ...

Service group to hold food drive

The Cross Timbers Gazette

They could be the Sergeant-at-Arms, which is the person who helps [conduct the meetings] to keep a record of Robert's Rules of Order during the ...

Pownal board re-considers Act 46 motion

Bennington Banner

POWNAL — After not having the majority votes necessary to warn a community vote on creating a unified school district out of the communities of the ...

UNM regents to pick president finalists after rejecting faculty resolution

Albuquerque Journal

... avoided voting on the faculty's resolution, prompting a terse exchange with the board and a explanation of how Robert's Rules of Order applied.

KISD board meetings confusing

The Killeen Daily Herald

For those interested in Killeen schools, navigating how the Killeen Independent School District board of trustees functions can be mind-boggling.

County GOP infighting addressed

The Reflector

He explained that in Robert's Rules of Order, an agreed-upon set of structure for parliamentary discussion to follow, something dilatory was frivolous ...

Attempt to revisit vote on DASO union contract fails

Las Cruces Sun-News

29 motion and the commission already has acted on a motion to reconsider that action, the commission first would have to suspend Robert's Rules of ...

New Rolling Meadows alderman appointed

Chicago Daily Herald

Budmats said he would be familiar with city council meeting structure because he knows Robert's Rules of Order from his time as board chairman for a ...

City Council undergoes counseling for racial strife

Akron Beacon Journal

Secondly, Keith is seeking a permanent parliamentarian, essentially an expert on council's rules and Robert's Rules of Order. Lastly, she's brought in ...

Town topples tower talk

Mainely Media

Although motions are generally in the positive according to Robert's Rules of Order, in this case the two votes in favor of the motion meant the board ...

Trenton clerk admonishes council members over Parrey leak

The Trentonian

Harris noted in the email the release of the recording violated Robert's Rules of Order, the policies and guidelines governing municipal meetings.

Hope rescinds mandatory trash pickup vote

The Republic

Johnson then cited Robert's Rules of Order, which he said allows a council member who had earlier cast a prior positive vote to make a motion to ...

Political turmoil continues for Penticton Indian Band council

InfoTel News Ltd

“When he runs meetings, he doesn't run consistently, one day under Robert's Rules, the next day he will appoint the chair and make the agenda.

Unifying the union

Stowe Today

She emphasized how following Robert's Rules and other procedures would help the board to function, especially with 14 members. She said an ...

Leadership and respect play key role during annual StuGov retreat

Iowa State Daily

One of the engaging activities the 37 senators and cabinet members began their Saturday morning with was a Robert's Rules simulation – in which ...

Geraldine Eure appointed as Trenton municipal court judge

The Trentonian

... Ms. Eure's appointment, the council has no authority to reconsider the same resolution during its term of office,” citing the Robert's Rules of Order.

Lyndhurst's form of government to stay for now


Haggerty said that, under Robert's Rules of Order, any commissioner can make a motion to bring something to a vote. "All that is needed is another ...

Roy Exum: Why Now We Need 18

The Chattanoogan

It was then decided Robert's Rules of Order permitted those who abstained to “re-vote.” Boyd and Mackey gave Fairbanks the nod, which gave ...

Student Senate: Body to vote on Times New Roman and budget at first meeting

The Post

The proposed framework is Robert's Rules of Order, which the resolution calls “the most well-organized” as well as most commonly used framework of ...

Change due for VA

Traverse City Record Eagle

24 meeting about the Robert's Rules of Order and the Michigan Open Meetings Act. Voting member John Block said Forsyth told the board he would ...

Courthouse has architect, but no plan

Meridian Star

County Attorney Lee Thaggard said the motion passed because the county practices Robert's Rules of Order. “Under Robert's, a majority vote means ...

Portage Council returns ordinance rule change to committee

Portage Daily Register

City Attorney Jesse Spankowski said the change, as proposed, would conform to Robert's Rules of Order, in that it would forbid someone from making ...

Encouraging Board Participation


Robert's Rules of Order spells out in explicit detail how to run a meeting, including introducing a new item of business, voting on it, and closing the ...

Group sues Prince William supervisors over permit for future mosque

Fauquier Times

They say Stewart violated Robert's Rules of Order and asked County Attorney Michelle Robl to review the vote. In response, Robl acknowledged there ...

Republican disloyalty proceedings to begin

Smoky Mountain News

The meeting will also be held in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, which, according to the hearing notice, requires disciplinary issues to be ...

Proposed $33.9 million RSU 9 budget passes first hurdle

Lewiston Sun Journal

After an unidentified voter explained that Robert's Rules of Order requires a majority vote for a written ballot, voters voted 106-36 to follow Robert's ...

Attorney short circuits HEMC business meeting

Northeast Georgian

Again, we're not going to go into a question-and-answer session,” but Brown could make a motion according to Robert's Rules of Order. “First sir, you ...

Code of Conduct approved by council

Moultrie News

... go through it and weed out things that didn't apply or were redundant and already covered by the Ethics Commission or Robert's Rules of Order.".

Sewer fee increase on Wed council agenda

Taft Midway Driller

According to Robert's Rules of Order the consent calendar is appropriate for ”[f]inal approval of proposals or reports that the board has been dealing ...

Prince William mosque vote legal, says county lawyer

Inside NoVA

Robl noted in her report that these motions didn't precisely follow “Robert's Rules of Order,” the guidelines most localities use to govern public ...

Baton Rouge Water Company says industry needs to stop drawing water from aquifer

The Advocate

It must follow public meetings laws, public notice laws and Robert's rules of order, and it must submit regular reports to state leaders about the status of ...

Vallejo school board divided over LCAP budget

Vallejo Times Herald

Kearney-Brown then read a section of Robert's Rules of Order about debate decorum. “The last speaker arraigned my motives,” she said about Worel.

Town Crier - Shem Creek Water quality decline due to multitude of factors

Moultrie News

There are already safeguards in place that dictate how Town Council operates, such as Robert's Rules of Order. And the very oath that council ...

Two supervisors ask for a review of mosque vote

Fauquier Times

Now, two supervisors on the losing side of the decision have asked the county attorney to weigh in on whether Stewart followed Robert's Rules of ...

North Wales council mulls changes to appointment rules, regulations

The Reporter

NORTH WALES >> The conversation has started, and North Wales officials have had plenty to say about putting in writing new rules about how ...

Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel lifts off

Wicked Local Plymouth

“If that wasn't in strict compliance with Robert's Rules of Order, I apologize, “O'Connor said. “It's been a long time since I was a selectman in the town of ...

Lawsuit Filed to Revoke Mining Operation Permit


She said according to Robert's Rules of Order, a certain procedure had to be followed in order to get a revote. Based on transcripts, she said the board ...

Just follow the rules -- they're there for a reason

Shelbyville Times-Gazette

Most governmental bodies pay lip service to Robert's Rules of Order, but many local governing bodies are pretty casual about how they follow it.

City council rules confusion highlights voting loophole

Norman Transcript

The council is bound by Robert's Rules of Order, the most widely-used manual of parliamentary procedure in America. It's a common document, but it's ...

Reinventing the Wheel

Memphis Flyer

Shaw said that either members would need to memorize Robert's Rules in toto, or they could — and perhaps should — devise simpler and more ...

What Clients Say...

Your expertise and knowledge enabled us to run our meetings in an orderly manner. The parliamentary procedures that you pointed out were not familiar to me and I think it contributed greatly to our success.

President LeRoy F. Saunders

American Council of the Blind