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Robert's Rules in the News

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No school board policy limiting members' comments
Youngstown Vindicator

“The policy says we follow parliamentary procedure in the latest version of 'Robert's Rules.'” Robert's Rules of Order is the template used by most ...

Berrigan calls for point of order
The Columbian (blog)

The rules include a line suggesting the council use Robert's Rules of Order, long-used parliamentary guidelines, in cases not already explained in the ...

Meriden Council sets 2016-17 mill rate
Meriden Record-Journal

... a motion to reconsider the budget vote from the last Council meeting, citing Robert's Rules of Order, the parliamentary procedure standard-bearer.

North Attleborough selectman resigns chairmanship
Wicked Local

Town Clerk Kevin Poirier was present at the meeting and said the town did not follow Robert's Rules of Order during the last reorganization, when ...

Faculty Senate reviews procedure in light of Eikenberry vote
Daily Northwestern

Barbara Newman, also detailed violations to Robert's Rules of Order, a set of guidelines for conducting meetings and making group decisions.

Criticism but no punishment for Councilwoman O'Connor
Santa Monica Daily Press

As an agency that utilizes a set of rules known as Robert's Rules of Order, there's a process available for a non-binding, advisory procedure known as ...

Victor Crist, taxi companies get into it at Public Transportation Commission meeting

Robert's Rules of Order went out the window as the meeting slid into ... Tuesday's meeting was aimed at discussing proposed rule changes that would ...

Black Diamond in limbo over city attorney services
Enumclaw Courier-Herald

According to Robert's Rules of Order, censuring is a warning given to a public officer that their behavior is unacceptable by a presiding body and if the ...

Council vote for school board appointee questioned
The Southeast Sun

Most municipal governing bodies in Alabama adopt Robert's Rules of Order as the rules of procedure for situations that cannot be resolved by council ...

Watchdog sues GOP 'party hacks' over delegate fight

... would switch the rules governing the Repbulican National Convention from the rules of the House of Representatives to Robert's Rules of Order.

GOP rejects rule changes before Republican National Convention in Cleveland

... rejected a proposal to recommend switching the parliamentary rules for the Cleveland convention to a different system, the Roberts Rules of Order.

Donald Trump sparks GOP clash over convention rules

The proposed rule would change how the convention is governed from the rules for the U.S. House that are now used to Robert's Rules of Order.

Judge denies injunction against Projekt Bayern
Leavenworth Echo (subscription)

"It is also unknown if the board will utilize Robert's Rules of Order as a guideline for the procedural practice at the termination hearings, if they are to be ...

Sources: Local businessman is Oregon Republican of the moment
Portland Tribune

Yue has submitted a rule change to run the convention under Robert's Rules of Order instead of the rules of the U.S. House of Representatives, which ...

Cruz, Kasich Pitch GOP Leaders as Contested Convention Looms

At least one major change, to switch the rules governing the convention from U.S. House Rules to Robert's Rules of Order — which could make it ...

Obscure GOP party meeting in limelight as turbulent convention looms
Los Angeles Times

The arcane rules have assumed an outsized significance with the prospect of a contested convention. .... One committee member proposed switching to a different protocol, Robert's Rules of Order, which is more commonly used by ...

ASUN kicks off 84th session with marathon senate meeting
The Nevada Sagebrush (blog)

Luis Barragan, College of Science, about how she might keep order by ... to rigidly enforcing Robert's Rules of Order to keep meetings “germane.”.

Civil Grand Jury targets Santa Cruz County Mental Health Advisory Board
Santa Cruz Sentinel

Meetings also didn't follow Robert's Rules of Order, which are standard for government meetings. The board includes mental health professionals, ...

Bevilacqua draws heat at Haverhill council meeting

... only the state's open meeting law but also Robert's Rules of Order, a universal guide to conducting meetings which the city has used for some time.

GOP rules fight caps weekend in politics

At the center of the fight is a push by conservatives on the Republican National Committee to have Robert's Rules of Order govern the convention ...

SG Supreme Court nominees not reconsidered, not included on the agenda
The Independent Florida Alligator

Noon is not written as the deadline in SG's rules and procedures. ... “Robert's Rule (of Order) is to allow everyone to have a voice, and that voice was ...

Luzerne County Historical Society board of directors changes bylaws
Citizens Voice

“They were trying to block the nomination and stop my rights, under the Robert's Rules of Order, to second a nomination. I never left the dinner/meeting ...

Eliot Select Board finds snag in sewer warrant articles
Foster's Daily Democrat

Pomerleau said, according to Robert's Rules of Order, a vote on a new plan should have been taken when the previous vote was reconsidered March ...

Reince Priebus blasted for 'major breach of trust' by top RNC officials
Washington Times

Mr. Yue said he wants the convention to switch to Robert's Rules to prevent the convention chairman from unilaterally reopening the nominations for ...

Appomattox supervisors to adopt rules at Monday's meeting
Lynchburg News and Advance

The board will look at adopting Robert's Rules of Order, 11th Edition, which allows a chairman to make and second motions and requires all motions ...

GOP Leaders Consider Rewriting Convention Rules in Major Way — and It Could Lead to Even ...

But Solomon Yue, an RNC officer and member of the Rules Committee, wants to replace those rules with Robert's Rules of Order. Yue told Politico that ...

Saugerties school board member says tabling agenda items to quash discussion is 'evil'
The Daily Freeman

Hyatt, at a board meeting this week, gave fellow trustees copies of “Roberts Rules of Order” to make her point, and she noted that items on the board's ...

Republican leaders consider rewriting convention rules

It's uncertain who might benefit most from implementing Robert's Rules of Order, and there's disagreement over whether it would make it easier or ...

Confusion in wake of council blowup
Bristol Press

In the analysis, according to Robert's Rules of Order, Mayor Ken Cockayne ... A two-thirds vote is needed, according to the Rules, and to Krawiecki.

New water rates approved, protest fails
Paradise Post

Linda Oslin also didn't like the board dysfunction and suggested the board adopt Roberts Rules of Order, which are guidelines on how to run a public ...

Augusta councilors, mayor spar over meeting protocol
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Langsdorf responded that the city charter's rules are clear and when city rules don't specify a procedure, the city would follow Robert's Rules of Order.

The messy way Colorado is picking its GOP delegates may actually matter this year
Washington Post

He's read Robert's Rules of Order cover to cover — twice. ... In Louisiana, Cruz's campaign exploited party rules to pack the delegation with supporters ...

'I cannot believe this!' Why Amanda Fritz is so mad

A confused Saltzman said he was lost from a parliamentary procedure standpoint. He offered to accommodate her wishes. "I'm not sure why you're ...

JALC student trustee files complaint with attorney general
The Southern

“Excuse me, you're out of order,” he said. “You're ... the force of law. It's based on board policy and best practices, including Robert's Rules of Order.

Changes proposed to Laramie City Council meetings
Laramie Boomerang

Rules of procedure for council meetings are currently governed by Robert's Rules of Order. Loos said the proposed changes would “more or less ...

So You Need A New Board Member: Legal Concerns When Filling Vacancies
JD Supra

... procedures for when the first round of voting does lead to a selection). In the absence of a contrary policy, Robert's Rules of Order may be applicable ...

Lewis-Palmer School Board passes controversial policy
Complete Colorado

... on—there were several motions and amendments on the table at the same time—or what appropriate protocol was under Robert's Rules of Order.

Harford school board investigates itself for members' alleged meeting breach
Baltimore Sun

Lader said "the board retained Mr. Nussbaum in order to administer the ... The Harford school board's polices cite Robert's Rules of Order, Newly ...

Trustees' tempers flare at monthly meeting
Kilgore News Herald

Adjournment typically follows a motion and vote at Sabine ISD (and other boards, though Robert's Rules of Order – common guidelines for such ...

'King Chuck' Sues Lewis County Democratic Committee for Locking Him Out of Meeting
Centralia Chronicle

Robert's Rules of Order allows for an assembly to eject a person from a room by rule or vote. Haunreiter's response to the letter is decorated with ...

RNC Members Proposing Rule Changes to Block Anti-Trump Forces at Convention
People's Pundit Daily

A growing number of RNC members want to use Robert's Rules of Order–a standard manual used by entities such as civic associations, county ...

Richard Kyte: Patience, rules aid respectful discourse
La Crosse Tribune

Robert's Rules of Order were devised by Henry Martyn Robert, an army engineer, who suffered through an embarrassing attempt to lead a meeting in ...

GOP Convention Rulebook May Be Tossed in Favor of Robert's Rules
The New American

Unlike the 1,500-page U.S. House rules, there are, in Robert's [Rules], no surprises that will [cause] the kind of chaos [the national] media are ...

When trust is lost: Unveiling College Council's fraudulent behavior surrounding elections
The Williams record

... for business to be legally transacted,” according to Robert's Rules of Order, the ... The Rules of Order state that “the quorum refers to the number of such ... But the Rules also state that “each segment of a ballot is treated as if it were ...

4-day calendar motion fails
La Junta Tribune Democrat

Robert's Rules of Order states if there is no second to a motion, it is lost and the group moves on to the next item of business. Board President Jeff ...

Lancaster Township manager will assist Marietta

The inexperience of the current council has been noticeable at several recent meetings as members have had to refer to Robert's Rules of Order, the ...

RNC weighs scrapping convention rule book to head off anti-Trump maneuvers
Washington Times

A switch to Robert's Rules of Order wouldn't guarantee Donald Trump the Republican nomination but would make it easier for all sides to see what ...

Democracy Schools Require Compromise
Education Week (subscription) (blog)

In retrospect I wish we had played out Robert's Rules of Order in some fashion so that we understood better how voting takes place in state and ...

A Penny for Your Thoughts: News of Greater Falls Church
Falls Church News Press

To avoid that kind of impasse, Robert's Rules of Order provides that only someone on the prevailing side of the motion may move to reconsider. In a tie ...

An Extremely Detailed Guide to What the Heck Might Happen at a GOP Contested Convention
Slate Magazine (blog)

Conventions run on a slightly modified version of Robert's Rules of Order, which means that decisions like the timing of the votes will likely be decided ...

Planning commission awaits tribe's input on Brinnon resort
Port Townsend Leader

Following a 20-minute argument about Robert's Rules of Order, the commission turned its attention to concerns about water quality monitoring and ...

Cuyahoga Heights School Board Still Haunted by Dysfunction and Financial Concerns
Cleveland Scene Weekly

... Cuyahoga Heights, where angry taxpayers can't help but laugh as Thacker humblebrags her way through explanations of Robert's Rules of Order, ...

Pointe Coupee Police Jury to address how meetings conducted after juror spat over removing ...
The Advocate

The jury's action comes nearly a month after it adopted Robert's Rules of Order — a comprehensive guide that many governing bodies use as a ...

Proposal to streamline Dorr board meetings voted down

Boot introduced a proposal to change the township's Rules of Order for Meetings, based on Robert's Rules of Order, to add a consent agenda section.

Opinion/Commentary: New procedures smooth council meetings, benefit public
The Daily Progress

For example, the ability of the mayor to maintain order , the guidelines for public comment and the fact that we useRobert's Rules of Order are all ...

Cambridge City Council adopts rules revisions
Wicked Local Newton

Page 2 of 2 - According to Mayor Simmons, the reason they changed the rule was to better align them with Robert's Rules of Order, which states that ...

Price, Shady seek Sunset Hills Ward 4 seat
Call Newspapers

Our finances are strong and in order. ... you believe the mayor and aldermen should strictly adhere to Robert's Rules of Order during board meetings?

County presses restart button on Villages board
The Mountain Times

... resignations stemmed from Wilson (the board's chair) not following Robert's Rules of Order or the bylaws of the Villages, including signing a contract ...

And Soon We Gather Together A Look at Town Meeting
Champlain Valley Voice

At the heart of all Town Meetings is the procedure of Robert's Rules of Order. After an article is read aloud by the Town Moderator, a voter raises their ...

Rule 44, Band-Aids, and Heart Transplants
The United Methodist Reporter

More specifically, it would involve setting aside Robert's Rules of Order and instead undertaking a small group process ostensibly designed to deal ...

School District's Decision to Demolish Old ITT Building Triggers Upheaval Behind the Scenes

At that point the board will be in a position to balance the collegiality it has long cherished with the stricter approaches of Robert's Rules of Order, ...

OPINION: The minority shouldn't rule over a majority decision
The Doane Line

Robert's Rules of Order, the standard rule book on parliamentary procedure, lists rules that balance the rights of different subgroups of persons in any ...

A Calm Between Storms
Columbia Business Times

Is there not something in “Robert's Rules of Order” that would have accounted for and controlled this behavior? Or is “Robert's” irrelevant because ...

Press Talk: Madore World is crumbling
The Columbian

Boldt is not your slick politician who tries to manipulate you or take advantage of you by citing “Robert's Rules of Order.” Boldt is a working stiff.

St. John puts time limit on public comment

Jorgensen said state law doesn't require governmental bodies to provide time for public comment, but those that do use Roberts' Rules of Order.

Meet Is Murder
New York Times

Determined to rule with more authority, Robert researched and wrote the 'Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies,' loosely ...

Harbor Management Commission: Out of Order? Lacking Respect for Each Other, FOI and Robert's ...
Greenwich Free Press

I would ask that order be restored in these meetings.” ... Mr. Angiolillo argued that the commission is not subject to Robert's Rules of Order.

Volunteer opportunities: Help with city's Earth Day Celebration
Lawrence Journal World

The volunteer should be dependable, organized and familiar with Robert's Rules of Order. If you have experience in recording and reporting ...

New rules cap comments, discussion for city council
Crossville Chronicle

The training covered Robert's Rules of Order and how meetings can run to allow discussion but keep discussion from being dominated by a single ...

Did council act our of order in skyway talks?

"We followed Robert's Rules perfectly. It's not something — and in fact I can't even remember the last time that it happened on the council that we took ...

City Council OKs revisions to meeting procedure
The Daily Progress

The procedural changes call for closer adherence to Robert's Rules of Order, a still-revered 19th century guide for organized, deliberative bodies ...

Parliamentary procedure training a positive step for council

The offer is above and beyond the training in Robert's Rules of Order the council has received in the past. The parliamentary procedure training would ...

Scranton Housing Authority replaces longtime solicitor
Scranton Times-Tribune

After checking Robert's Rules of Order, the board and staff determined that a mistake can be corrected. The board then held a second vote on whether ...

College of DuPage – Trustee McGuire- Master Manipulator
Edgar County Watchdogs

For those that don't recall, the current 'Breuder Board' made up of McGuire, Birt, and Wozniak voted NO on the adoption of Robert's Rules of order ...

City council to hear law enforcement plans
Crossville Chronicle

Standing rules were last updated in July 2015 when the day of the meeting changed. Late last year, the council had training in Robert's Rules of Order ...

OMH medical staff approves unification with GHS

OMH vice chief of staff Dr. Billy Campbell told The Journal despite some lingering questions about the vote following Robert's Rules of Order, he and ...

A Model In Self Governance From A Charter Middle School
Honolulu Civil Beat

Following Robert's Rules of Order, they debate and make binding policy together, offering, amending and voting on motions. At the most recent town ...

Northfield council accepts proposal to receive training in parliamentary procedure

Thanks to the League of Women Voters (LMV) Northfield-Cannon Falls, the Northfield City Council will receive parliamentary procedure training from a ...

McLean's Family Feud?
Virginia Connection Newspapers

Member Merrily Pierce tried to restore order when she read verbatim from Robert's Rules of Order. #“I think I need to tell you, you're off base,” she ...

Faculty Senate concerned about college website misleading students
The Ranger

Tammy Perez, professor of Spanish, discusses with faculty senate how their meetings should be run according to Robert's Rules of Order.

Bar closing debate teaches a valuable civics lesson
Buffalo News

... and unless someone's there to pick up an honorary resolution, there are few fresh faces that show up to see Robert's Rules of Order at work.

Troubles on the Jersey City Board of Education
The Hudson Reporter

... the board leadership may have violated Robert's Rules of Order by counting abstentions as votes against Joel Torres, who was nominated first and ...

Simsbury Fire Officials, Firefighters Clash Over Proposed Bylaw Changes
Hartford Courant

A second would carve an exemption from Robert's Rules of Order, a parliamentary procedure that typically governs public meetings, to allow the ...

Some question Middletown BOE member participating in meetings virtually
Middletown Press

Robert's Rules of Order specifies that a committee's bylaws may authorize it 'to meet by videoconference or teleconference' as long as the meeting is ...

Rankin resident to president: 'I call for your resignation!'
Paxton Record

During a rambling statement, Polchow accused Warren of not abiding by Robert's Rules of Order, adding that he had asked last month to have his ...

Early Port Angeles council adjournment still simmering; members at odds over rules, signs
Peninsula Daily

In an email Thursday to City Manager Dan McKeen and City Attorney Bill Bloor, Whetham said the adjournment appeared contrary to Robert's Rules of ...

NS police investigate allegation of council 'bribery'
Valley Breeze

Boucher, meanwhile, said that contrary to those who believed that the council had not followed Robert's Rules of Order at the Jan. 18 meeting where ...

Baxter City Council: Reverses course on e-cig regulations
Brainerd Daily Dispatch

City attorney Brad Person said since the council never adopted Robert's Rules of Order, he thought there should be a revote, because he wasn't sure ...

Union's restructuring under question, again
The Eyeopener

I am familiar with the by-laws and Robert's Rules of Order, not only as a member of the [RSU] but as a [former] member of the Ryerson Commerce ...

Council does not re-vote on Bay Ship street closure
Green Bay Press Gazette

Citing Robert's Rules of Order during the Jan. 19 meeting of the council , councilman Will Gregory attempted a motion to rescind the vote to vacate the ...

Caucus turns to Robert's Rules to solve vote discrepancy in Dallas County

One too many votes at a Republican precinct caucus created a problem. The solution? Robert's Rules of Order and a sense of humor. Officials at ...

Sales tax for parks was a near miss
Lee's Summit Journal

... it is allowed by law, but not specifically addressed by the council's adopted rules, so the council needed to depend on Robert's Rules of Order.

Local man escorted from council meeting
Shreveport Times

Bradford said the city council operates under council rules approved by the City of Shreveport — a modified version of Robert's Rules of Order, which ...

Black Diamond rule changes split council
Enumclaw Courier-Herald

The majority of the rule changes shifted many powers from Mayor Carol ... or if an issue is not adequately addressed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Former Mayfield Heights Councilman Howard Sonenstein sues city over sign permit

... Robert DeJohn, also a councilman, requested a revote, Carr objected, because "there's no such motion that exists in Robert's Rules of Order," he ...

Salazar places at State Congress Competition

Parliamentary procedure forms structure for the discourse and students extemporaneously respond to others' arguments over the course of a session ...

The secret science of winning the Iowa caucuses
Chicago Tribune

... by a shrewd mastery of the caucus process and the parliamentarian's Bible known as Robert's Rules of Order. Paul didn't win a single primary-and ...

Pacific Islanders demonstrate their presence during ASUW senate meeting

“When I first came into senate, I [had] never heard of Robert's Rules, so it was really hard for me to start a conversation or voice my opinion,” said ...

General Conference to consider rule change to facilitate a process for Christian conferencing
The United Methodist Reporter

Today's presentation outlined the process proposed for Rule 44, a new means of deliberation that moves away from Roberts Rules of Order toward a ...

North Branch councilors rail against each other
ECM Publishers

Shortly after that comment, the barrage of “point of order” exclamations ... bodies follow a set of meeting guidelines called Robert's Rules of Order.

School officials follow tone set by Meigs City Council

The Thomasville City Board of Education seemingly ditched Robert's Rules of Order in favor of the Meigs City Council's methods of madness and ...

Being an involved citizen
Pleasanton Express

I've also learned to appreciate Mayor Clint Powell's ability to run meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order in a respectful, on task way.

Perrysburg park debate heated

He was not satisfied with Henderson's suggestion that the body is not legally bound to Robert's Rules of Order, which sets guidelines under which a ...

How long? Time limits for comments at public hearings discussed

City Attorney Clarke Whitfield Jr. said “Robert's Rules of Order” — the guide used to govern how Danville City Council meetings are conducted ...

January 20, 2016 | Cao responds to UMSU sanctions
The Manitoban

Kunzman added that UMSU's meetings and in camera sessions are governed by Robert's Rules of Order, which is the standard guideline that many ...

Frustration flares between mayor, councilwoman during Piedmont meeting
Anniston Star

“We got two different opinions then,” said Spears, who referenced the Robert's Rules of Order — a common guide for parliamentary meetings — that ...

MISO Stakeholders Finish Governance Guide Redline Changes
RTO Insider

“I just hate for us to put language in on Robert's Rules of Order instead of good information on policy,” Lane said. Greg Schaefer, energy market policy ...

Commissioners Court amends parliamentary rules
Orange Leader

Robert's Rules of Order, dating from 1915, are stricter than the eight rules adopted by the court. A cheat sheet for the rules of order is five-pages long.

LBCC To Host Meeting On Communication Report
Gazette Newspapers

Having the board conduct meetings consistent with Robert's Rules of Order, including maintaining orderly discussion by being acknowledged by the ...

RM of Sherwood tiptoes around legal fees decision
Regina Leader-Post

Despite chief administrative officer Ron McCullough providing direction from Robert's Rules of Order (a longstanding reference work on how to ...

York Planning Board holds off on auditorium plan review

Any member can freeze discussion of an item the first time it is on the calendar to be discussed, Cotton said, according to “Robert's Rules of Order.”.

Rockaway Twp. Council off to bumpy new year
New Jersey Hills

“I voted 'no' on the council president because he removed the 'Roberts Rules of Order' from the way the council meetings are conducted and replaced ...

Closing Jefferson Street May Not Be Done Deal

A member of the Sturgeon Bay City Council hopes to use Robert's Rules of Order to re-open negotiations with Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding Company.

Coun. Walsh will try again Tuesday on Daily News building motions
Kamloops This Week

Since then, Walsh said, he has read Robert's Rules of Order, which govern council meetings. Walsh said “all indications after the last council meeting ...

School board fails to elect officers
Hibbing Daily Tribune

Berklich said that could put the board in violation of Robert's Rules of Order. “For some reason, some members of board don't think I'd be a good chair ...

Condo Questions: Winning side can reconsider condo vote
Edmonton Journal

Helpful Hint: Most condominium corporations follow Robert's Rules of Order, which set out the process in which votes can be reconsidered. Take the ...

City to council: Keep Ahrens
Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune

Huffman, in a phone interview later in the evening said the way the item was framed on the agenda followed Robert's Rules of Order and how he ...

After hours of discussion, Provo Municipal Council votes to rescind Turley rezone
Daily Herald

He referred to Robert's Rules of Order that says the ordinance becomes effective 30 days after approval. “This ordinance became effective Dec.

Culpeper council shies from rules for public speech
The Daily Progress

Yowell said Robert's Rules of Orders, which town government has long followed, addresses issues such as meeting decorum, designating oversight of ...

Reorganization Hijinks
Allentown Morning Call (blog)

They voted for strict adherence to Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, and Ackerman said disruptive persons would be removed from the room ...

Port Carbon council fails to appoint president
Republican & Herald

It's my understanding of Robert's Rules of Order that we would be able to proceed with one month's extension. Our now-elected vice president would ...

Raukar to lead St. Louis County Board during last year in office
Duluth News Tribune

But Raukar said he will further strive to limit commissioners' speechifying, holding to Robert's Rules of Order and strictly limiting commissioners to two ...

Amid confusion, Fayette BOE tables nearly entire agenda
Beckley Register-Herald

FAYETTEVILLE — In a meeting rife with confusion over parliamentary procedure, the Fayette County Board of Education tabled two items Monday that ...

In Critical Commission
Washington City Paper

After the nominations had closed, with both Henderson and Roberts ... she fired back “It's out of order, and you should read Robert's Rules of Order.”.

Mount Carmel Mayor fires Chief of Police

In last Tuesday's meeting, which suspended the rules, of Robert's Rules of Order, two issues were brought up for the board to discuss, but since they ...

Quincy City Council debates rules of order, but there's an easy fix
Quincy Herald Whig

In most cases, Dunn said, the city does attempt to follow Robert's rules. In other cases, city code dictates different rules. In still other cases, "previous ...

Orange Wave Crashing
The Telegram

They debate every motion, and they're sticklers for Robert's Rules of Order every step of the way. The Liberals and the Tories are like the high school ...

Carmel City Council introduces procedural changes to be addressed in year new
Carmel City Council introduces procedural changes to be addressed in year new

Councilors Eric Seidensticker and Rick Sharp said this is already part of Robert's Rules of Order and part of council protocol and so they thought this ...

Dewey adopts Dewey Rules to improve efficiency
Cape Gazette

Using Roberts Rules of Order as a guide, Commissioner Mike Dunmyer crafted the resolution, adopted during council's Dec. 12 meeting. He said the ...

Bob Buckley: The life-changing value of generosity
Neosho Daily News

She also loved parliamentary procedure and for many years was one of the leading experts in the United States on Robert's Rules of Order. However ...

Robert's Rules can make any meeting more efficient
Houston Chronicle

Now in its 11th edition, Robert's Rules of Order can help anyone run more efficient and decisive meetings. The rules are so easy to learn and follow ...

Soap Lake City Council ponders changing rules, procedures

Both Brown and counNewscilmember John Glassco were in favor of reinstating Robert's Rules of Order, saying it was the “standard” rules used by councils ...

CVU goes to Princeton Model Congress
Shelburne News

Following Robert's Rules of Order, kids presented their bill ideas, passed amendments and debated current and pressing topics, such as military ...

Palos Hills limits chickens, bans roosters
Chicago Tribune

After reviewing Robert's Rules of Order, talking to the Legal Department of the Illinois Municipal League and doing legal research, Pappas said he ...

Transparency key in revision of HOA laws
Myrtle Beach Sun News

That is exactly correct and is the basic principle of Robert's Rules of Order: the majority will rule but the minority will be heard. Board directors must ...

ROTHENBURGER - When meetings go wrong
News Kamloops (blog)

Jim Slaughter is a North Carolina attorney who literally wrote the book on Robert's Rules of Order, the Bible on how to make decisions at meetings.

School board releases public information under court order
Burlington Times News

Ms. Kennedy explained that this requirement is based on Robert's Rules of Order, which speaks to avoiding having a majority of those present at a ...

County supervisor warns: 'The public is watching'
Grand Island Independent

The parameters are part of Robert's Rules of Order and could make the ... Supervisor Pam Lancaster said she's fine with following Robert's Rules ...

Board votes not to reappoint Mazzeo
Mountain Mail Newspaper

Mazzeo pointed out that he has not violated any rules of the board, he has ... and his walking out was an allowed function of Robert's Rules of Order.

Orientation helpful for Parish Council-elect
The Advocate

... on the parish's Home Rule Charter, Robert's Rules of Order, parliamentary procedure and overall basic functions and responsibilities of the council

Fumbled motion on demolition of KDN building can be revisited at another council meeting
News Kamloops (blog)

That's what Robert's Rules of Order states. As an experienced councillor, Walsh should have had his procedural options, as well as the wording of his ...

Airport contract extended
Crossville Chronicle

City attorney Will Ridley spoke briefly on the parliamentary procedure related to the council's training from November and it appeared the item would ...

Teaching Robert's Rules of Order to the Iranin homeowners' associatons
News Article

For the first time in Iran the meeting of the members of a homeowners' association took pale on Friday December 4, 2015, in Tehran, conducted its ...

The Troubled Travels of Robert’s Rules
News Article

On October 15, 2014, the Jordan Center welcomed Oleg Kharkhordin with a lecture entitled “A Point of Order! The Troubled Travels of Robert’s Rules of Order from America to Russia, or How Russians Tried to Invent Order Themselves.”

County to research alternatives for $38.9M grant
Lompoc Record

17 vote was a bad policy decision and a violation of Robert's Rules of Order, which are parliamentary procedure guidelines. But the rest of the board ...

SGA calls executive session, comes under fire for lack of transparency
V Spectator

According to Robert's Rules of Order, which recognizes Georgia's Sunshine Laws and is the system SGA uses for governing their meetings, ...

Willmar City Council to take comments Monday on budget surplus, 2016 levy
West Central Tribune

One amendment would remove the titles of various suggested parliamentary procedure rules, but would retain the requirement that the council adopt ...

LD30 GOP members have acted according to the bylaws
Arizona Capitol Times

Apparently, a lack of understanding of how a district's bylaws must correctly interact with Robert's Rules of Order causes Mr. La Sota's third incorrect ...

Council hears from legislators, learns parliamentary procedure
Crossville Chronicle

The meeting on parliamentary procedure was set up to help council members better understand the process of smoothly running a meeting.

Council hears from legislators, learns parliamentary procedure
Crossville Chronicle

The meeting on parliamentary procedure was set up to help council members better understand the process of smoothly running a meeting.

Lakeside fire board has a vacancy
Coos Bay World

... civility at public meetings and to follow Robert's Rules of Order. Littrell said he'd set up a storefront at 215 S. Eighth St. to accept citizens' pledges.

Board reverses it's decision on Derby
The Post

"They pull out Robert's Rules of Order and say some parliamentarian told them they could ... when it suits them to do so," Stevens said. "This isn't a ...

Branham apologizes, but Clark employee raise standoff remains
Central Kentucky News

"You can not order the Fiscal Court to reverse an administrative order," ... Under Robert's Rules, there is a procedure to appeal the decision of the ...

Parliamentarian runs City Council meeting
Lillie News

With that introduction, Pust distributed copies of Robert's Rules of Order and took the lead as "madame chair," at the left hand of Mayor Mike Pearson.

New council majority names mayor
Wilson County News

... at the same meeting violated Robert's Rules of Order. Consequently, the council scheduled a special meeting for Nov. 16 in order to meet the Dec.

COMMENTARY: Caregivers, thank you for all you do
Palo Verde Valley Times

The lack of ethics and ignorance of Robert's Rules of Order was appalling. It was clear that friends of the board and certain others were encouraged ...

Council conduct 'embarrassing'
St. Albert Gazette

Moffat said that there are rules in place to see council succeed, referring to the city's own code of conduct and Robert's Rules of Order, a rule book that ...

ASCC Senate holds unofficial meeting due to lack of agenda
Talon Marks (subscription)

Some of the suggestions were training in the Brown Act rules, parliamentary procedure, writing legislation, student outreach, board of trustees ...

Monroe City School Board can do better
Monroe News Star

Gavel pounds, Robert's Rules of Order, out of orders, points of order and points of procedure then became the game. At one point, McFarland ...

West Jefferson Hills school board appoints member who lost re-election
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In response to the parents' request Tuesday that Mr. Shar's suspension be reinstated, solicitor Lisa Colautti said that, under Robert's Rules of Order, ...

City School Board meeting turns contentious
Monroe News Star

Willson again pointed out that talking about it was out of order. McFarland said ... Willson said it's Robert's Rules of Order, and the pair briefly clashed.

Board may tweak voting procedure
The Advocate

Recent changes to Robert's Rules of Order muddied the matter for the board, which sought legal advice before bringing the matter up for a vote again.

Leadership changes approved in Lewiston
Niagara Gazette

... Briglio, who began the meeting, asked the attorneys to clarify whether or not this was in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order and town law.

Deputy county attorneys getting raises; supervisor questions board rules
Columbus Telegram

Following Robert's Rules of Order, which serves as a guide to conduct public meetings, the chair of the board is in charge of the agenda and he or she ...

Beach City Village Council: Nov. 16 meetin
Massillon Independent

Council does not use Robert's Rules of Order to conduct a meeting. Ideas submitted include limiting public speaks to those who live within the village, ...

Bilodeau v. Hickory Bluffs Cmty. Servs. Ass'n, Inc. (15-501)
N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions

Robert’s Rules of Order allow a board of directors to rescind action previously taken . . .


SGA Shakily Stands Up

Ian Slingsby, Riverside Campus Senator, said in an attempt to police the conversation, referring to Robert's Rules of Order. Young advises the ...

Derby Parent Questions Legality of Bluewater Board's Pending Motion

Bluewater District School Board trustees are about to possibly break a promise made by the previous board. Trustees are to vote on a motion Tuesday ...

RHS students compete in Student Congress
Russellville Courier

Students receive scores on their excellent speaking ability, knowledge of parliamentary procedure and ability to work cooperatively for the good of the ...

Ag Society to vote on fair alcohol sales
Van Wert independent

Proposed Article XVIII – States that fair board meetings must be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. Proposed Article XIX – Lists ...

Steve Littrell wants Lakeside to take the pledge
Coos Bay World

It means to follow the rules of the decision makers and respect 'Robert's Rules of Order' in public debate. It means sticking to and discussing the ...

Political newcomers stand ready to take office in Cape, South Portland, Scarborough

Luckily most councils and school boards hold orientation sessions for new members that cover items from conflict of interest to Robert's Rules of Order ...

SGA president responds to impeachment attempt in special session
Hilltop Views

“In order to put all of this behind us, as an association, we must work together ... “High crimes as defined by 'Robert's Rules of Order' are not attending ...

Washington County Board of Education briefs
Herald-Mail Media

Board member Melissa Williams said she didn't think the minutes needed to be separate because, according to Robert's Rules of Order, the student ...

Robert's Rules and condo board secretary requirements in IL
Condo Association

As per Roberts Rules of Order, does our HOA secretary have to enter the person's name and address when they ask a question at our meetings?

South Lyon's new city council gets to work

... someone with experience who is well respected and knows Robert's Rules of Order, a recognized guide to running meetings and conferences.

City Council Revamps Meeting Procedures
Santa Barbara Independent

While the previous procedures relied on the popular but outdated Robert's Rules of Order — nineteenth- and twentieth-century U.S. Military engineer ...

Andrew Niedzinski in line to be Bay City Commission president, but some disagree

Newly elected members of the Bay City Commission are being sworn in this week and new officers are going to be selected. (Yfat Yossifor | Mlive.com).

Carson takes reins as mayor, lays out expectations for behavior at council meetings
The Times and Democrat

Carson announced the council will abide by Robert's Rules of Order and follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines ...

Open flags shot down
The Manchester Journal

That set off another extended discussion over whether, under Robert's Rules of Order, the board could reconsider that motion and how the other ...

Bessemer council votes Whitburn in as mayor
Your Daily Globe.com

Like in the past, the council adopted “Robert's Rules of Order,” with an amendment that the mayor may make and support motions for all city council ...

Campus politicians: grow up
The University of Alabama Crimson White

While full merit scholarship students debate what Robert's Rules of Order says about proxy votes, their classmates take on an average debt load of ...

Auditor's training was a real eye-opener
Shepherdstown Chronicle

... the training provided by the West Virginia State Auditor's office last week on everything from Robert's Rules of Order to ethics and tax questions.

USG divided on ex-officio voting rights
UConn Daily Campus

Standard Robert's Rules of Order do not suggest that ex-officio members of any body should be without voting rights, according to Cognato, who ...

Seminar aims to help youth learn how to handle themselves in PROFESSIONAL SETTINGS
Leader and Times

“The 4th through 7th graders will learn about parliamentary procedure with 'Making a Motion – More than just Jumping Jacks.' I think youth go to ...

Laws and Practices on Annual Meeting Minutes
New York Law Journal (registration)

However, if the bylaws or the condominium's board of managers adopt Roberts Rules of Order as the procedural rules to be followed by the ...

Legal Opinion: SPEAC Chair Was Wrong Quashing Motion
Falls Church News Press

He cited Robert's Rules of Order on the matter of a “motion to request leadership to step down effective immediately,” such that “a main motion that ...

Board's landscaping authority extends to infected ash trees
Chicago Tribune

Robert's Rules of Order is not binding on condominium associations unless so stated in  . . .

The Pinke Post: Sports teams and schools can learn from FFA chapters
AG Week

I hope the confidence the kids have in the 700 pages of Robert's Rules of Order and how to properly participate in and run a meeting serves them as ...

Bernier: Assembly bills bring necessary reform
Chippewa Herald

... which includes Chippewa Falls said that he's fairly certain that the Democrats' actions violate Robert's Rules of Order which govern the Assembly's ...

Mansfield Republicans begin rebuilding, rebranding
UConn Daily Campus

Lent also said his knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure are also an asset. Despite leaving the town council election ...

Joseph Risi Elected CB 1 Chair
Western Queens Gazette

... there is a hierarchy in the election process involving state and municipal law in addition to the community board bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order.

Green Bay council votes to keep code of conduct

He says it also overlaps state guidelines and Robert's Rules of order. "I still believe this code is a step in the right direction for responsible governance ...

KUJICHAGULIA: That time when the law really was on our side

.. charge of making sure that her fellow Board members would follow their charter and conduct monthly meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order, ...

UTSU AGM rife with “procedural showboating”

Abdulla Omari, director for UTM, challenged the point of order, and a ... to remind attendees that using Robert's Rules of Order to prolong the meeting ...

UB Student Association senator alleges election violations against e-board
University at Buffalo The Spectrum

They do state, however, that Robert's Rules of Order, which is widely used for parliamentary authority, applies on issues the constitution and bylaws ...

Green Bay's council president wants to rescind code of conduct

Scannell admits the city's code of conduct isn't much different than state guidelines or Robert's Rules of Order. However, he says it provides something ...

The Cayman Reporter

It is at the district council level that persons can be given the opportunity to learn about the mechanics of good governance and Robert's Rules of Order ...

Slater Ambulance Board approves confidentiality agreement, power of attorney for narcotics
The Marshall Democrat-News

A review of Robert's Rules of Order by Frank Foster of EMS Legal Services revealed chairperson Marjorie Sanders is representing a sub district and ...

SGA tables Zoom resolution for two weeks
The Patriot Talon

Baber said that he will continue to talk to Neaves, talk to his constituents and look more at Robert's Rules of Order, and come back in two weeks to ...

School board meetings to start on time, limit electronic devices
Herald-Mail Media

The communications processes also call for board meetings to be "conducted in an orderly and businesslike manner using 'Robert's Rules of Order' ...

City of Bronson to buy camera to deter vandals
Fort Scott Tribune

... conducting effective and efficient meetings and Robert's Rules of Order, utility customer service practices and policies, effective employee relations ...

Bickering overshadows Ferriday board meeting
Natchez DemocratNatchez Democrat

Despite Allen's suggestion to the contrary, Robert's Rules of Order, a set of rules for conduct at meetings used by the majority of public boards, a board ...

Board member: Boynton officials need reminder to be nice

Listed on the agenda are nine recommended rules. ... and is based off of “Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised,” a guide to running meetings.

Pros, cons when HOA president joins property management firm

Q: Our HOA's new president believes that, since our HOA documents state that we should follow Robert's Rules, that means that our monthly board ...

Trustees meeting infringes bylaws
Western Courier (subscription)

While Robert's Rule of Order permits ex-officio members to have the same rights as other members, including the right to vote, Board bylaws state ...

What you don't know about motorcycle clubs
CNN Internationa

CNN InternationalActually, it was a surprise research finding that most MCs adhere strictly to Robert's Rules of Order during official meetings, with fines for being found ...

Mayor calls meeting; 'wrath' resolution not on agenda
Maryville Daily Times

However, Robert's Rules of Order — which the commission does follow — states that an agenda can be amended either before or after it is adopted.

President's Corner: 9/30
The Wellesley News

... value, interruptions are only permitted on the basis of immediately necessary clarifying questions or serious breaches in Robert's Rules of Order.

Clarksburg council to discuss current, future projects at retreat
The Exponent Telegram (press release) (registration)

... training specialist with the state Auditor's Office, will give a free seminar on Robert's Rules of Order governing parliamentary procedure, Goings said.

US and China strike climate deal

In return, the U.S. will complete new rules for heavy duty vehicles and ... GOP leaders in both houses are poring through Robert's Rules of order to ...

Candidates ask Radnor BOC to rescind time limits
Main Line

We also agree with the resident who requested that the members of the Board ascertain and follow proper parliamentary procedure as required by the ...

Grant city leaders disagree on charter up for vote next month
TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

"Our city does not use 'Robert's Rules of Order' to conduct its meetings," Lanoux said, referring to the guide for conducting meetings. "It uses 'Thomas' ...

Fort Smith School Committee 'Successful,' Leader Says
Times Record

“It does not strictly follow Robert's Rules of Order. But as a board, we are free to pick and choose what part of parliamentary procedure we elect to ...

Six members of Ohio University Student Senate resign
The Post

OU Student Union member Daniel Kington pushes back against the resolution to use Robert's Rules of Order at the first Student Senate meeting of the ...

Law firm hired to review conflict of interest claim
Southern Gazette

“Personally, I take great offence at being labelled as dysfunctional and that I don't understand compliance and Robert's Rules of Order and all of that ...

Whitman brings 20 years experience
Mountain Mail Newspaper

Enforcing Robert's Rules (of Order)is a priority, he said. Uninterrupted statements from members, hearing everyone's input and deterring dilatory ...

Volunteering: Community groups need new members as active contributors age
Alberni Valley Times

“It is great for anyone thinking of a political career, as we follow the Robert's Rules of Order,” Ferguson said. “The idea is to get young people excited ...

Mayor criticized for actions at meeting
Petoskey News-Review

After the meeting Snyder said, he believes Campbell needs to be consistent with following Robert's Rules of Order when conducting the meeting or at ...

Student Governement Senate approves Robert's Rules law
Iowa State Daily

The Student Government Senate unanimously updated policy regarding Robert's Rules of Order, allowing the Senate to use the most up-to-date ...

Councilman looks to bring back Robert's Rules of Order

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Councilman Roque Vela, Jr. is looking at re-adopting Robert's Rules of Order as a form of parliamentary procedure during ...


Israeli politics meander through gas, police decisions
San Diego Jewish World

Don't expect anything like adherence to Robert's Rules of Order. Talmudic discussions jump from one subject to the other without finishing the first, ...

SGA votes to encourage more participation
The Rambler

Miranda said she was encouraged by SGA's use of parliamentary procedures and Robert's Rules of Order. The book is the standard manual for how to ...

DCGA aims to become a more open organization
The Denisonian

They hope to make this come into effect by decreasing the use of Robert's Rules of Order, particularly when it comes to addressing senators. Robert's ...

No place to go for meeting procedure complaints
Journal Times

If residents have an issue with the parliamentary procedure of their local boards, the only real recourse they have, Witynski said, is to make their ...

Special Town Meeting scheduled for Oct. 19
The Landmark

... include proposed amendments to the Personnel Policy bylaws, a request that the town formally adopt Robert's Rules of Order for meetings, and that ...

LCPS chiefs update board at special meeting
Las Cruces Sun-News

Chief Communications Officer Jo Galvan gave the board a 10-minute presentation on Robert's Rules of Order. She jokingly told the board, which has ...

Shawn Vestal: Police shouldn't get say in their own oversight
The Spokesman Review

... they formalized it through a standard bit of Robert's Rules of Order. A representative of the police lieutenants and captains union made the motion to ...

Resignations leave Susquehanna Township School Board without top officers

17 announcement that board members would be called on to discuss issues in the order they're recognized, according to Robert's Rules of Order and 

Council ignores precedent due to fear of 'tie' vote
Edmonds Beacon

Taraday added that Robert's Rules do not allow for remarks from the ... Bloom said based on her past knowledge, in order to participate, Buckshnis ...

OU Student Senate reinstates Robert's Rules of Order despite debate
The Post

Kim Oswald, an off-campus life senator, held up an official copy of Robert's Rules of Order, numbering more than 600 pages, to the first Student ...

Word on the Street: Moving comment time makes sense for transit board
Peoria Journal Star

For people who didn't grow up reading Robert's Rules of Order, that's an effort that requires a secret decoder ring. Sadly, few places are issuing those ...

Closing wharf use loophole on ballot
Mount Desert Islander

TREMONT — Closing a loophole in an ordinance regarding resident use of the Bernard Town Wharf will be up to voters at the November elections.

Chisholm ayes airport levy request
Hibbing Daily Tribune

HIBBING — One city council gave the nod for the Chisholm-Hibbing Airport Authority's (CHAA) proposed 2015 Range Regional Airport (RRA) levy ...

Killeen City Council argues about meeting minutes
The Killeen Daily Herald

She also asked if removing the comments would violate Robert's Rules of Order. City Manager Glenn Morrison said Driver-Moultrie introduced herself ...

Almost Brilliant Inventions from 1865
Scientific American

Cities on the Rise “Urbanized societies, in which a majority of the people live crowded together in towns and cities, represent a new and fundamental ...

This will only take an hour, promise
Hillsboro Times Gazette

Most of you have heard of Robert's Rules of Order, the universally accepted guidelines of parliamentary procedure for conducting meetings. Today I ...

My rules of order
Rural Reflections

I checked with “Robert's Rules of Order” and got my answer. I also found that many of “Robert's” rules were not always being followed. One such rules ...

Residents of Oxford House form a family, re-establish lives

"This is a correlation so strong the scientists said it is 'of an order of ... each weekly business meeting - where the men follow Robert's Rules of Order to ...

Peter Meyerhoffer
Alberta Daily Herald Tribune

Currently reading Cracking Creativity by Michael Michalko, Robert's Rule of Order, Brain Rules by John Medina and The Art of Speedreading People ...

Truitt resigns from council
Coastal Point

[Since] all of a sudden we have these new rules and regulations on .... Warchol suggested the town investigate Robert's Rules of Order further, as well ...

Cracks show in Cuomo-created ethics board
Capital New York

... Roth tried to silence Commissioner Gary Lavine, who speaks with the deliberate stoicism of a Puritan preacher, by invoking Robert's Rules of Order.

Angela Huff not the answer for Metro Schools
The Tennessean

And, as for complaints about their professionalism, a refresher on Robert's Rules of Order might be due. The rules are so helpful to manage a group ...

Commissioners Continue Work On Proposed Charter
Greeneville Sun

... allow the Greene County Commission to adopt its own rules of order and procedure for its meetings rather than adopting Robert's Rules of Order.

Commissioners Continue Work On Proposed Charter
Greeneville Sun

... allow the Greene County Commission to adopt its own rules of order and procedure for its meetings rather than adopting Robert's Rules of Order.


What Clients Say...

Your expertise and knowledge enabled us to run our meetings in an orderly manner. The parliamentary procedures that you pointed out were not familiar to me and I think it contributed greatly to our success.

President LeRoy F. Saunders

American Council of the Blind